Dumb Life Hacks That Actually Work!

Dumb Life Hacks That Actually Work!

Dumb LIFE HACKS that actually work ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

Dumb Life Hacks That Actually Work!
Source AzzyLand
  1. XX ROBLOX says

    But when you wear black you get even more hot

  2. Elizabeth Bowen says

    Azzy-Wouldn't it just be easier to just keep the tea bag in the hot tea" Me-Wait a minute

  3. Gabby The cosplayer says

    I don’t have a water proof phone 😿😿😿

  4. Megan Murski says

    Pool thing works

  5. Breana Flowers says

    it does not work i tryed i have a pool

  6. Let’s play a fun game! All you have to do is subscribe to Azzy to get her to 10M subscribers!!!!

    But please I want toe the one who helps her get 10M

  7. kookie🖤❤️💙 says

    I watched this

  8. cassyofchaos says

    When you drop the swim cap it works

  9. frisk lehrer says

    the too cold pool one only works on a day when its over72 degrees F

  10. Luna star says

    I have a pool an it flipping works

  11. Azzy:there’s hacks for everything me:there’s hack when you get chayst by a T. rex

  12. rocio Delage says

    Thea’s five minute Carafes are horrible ( make the like Nuremberg blue if you Agree

  13. Lmgs Nation says

    You are slow

  14. Kylie allstar says

    No I did the swim cap one and it worked 👍👍👍

  15. lilly palen says

    The pants life jacket works I did it

  16. Galaxy Fox_101 says

    AzzyLand you are my favourite YouTuber ever

  17. Galaxy Fox_101 says


  18. gaming with hayden says

    Hey sorry to say I don't want you long time since you song song came out cuz it kind of was really not good

  19. ariel kendrix says

    Bruh you have a sewing kit to a pool

  20. Simone Ramjit says

    Police to look like when your friend green

  21. Chairman Meow says

    Gillette the best a SJW cuck can get

  22. Kassidy Murphy says

    The one where that person threw her the pants actually world

  23. Isabel Henley says

    The pool hack is true

  24. Peyton Kent says

    It does work my mom did it

  25. Awesome Gamer gurl says

    Who HATES azzy?!?

    Jk we love you azzy ♥️♥️♥️☺️

  26. Antonia Lemus says

    There's another another hack for this sticky chain down on your skirt and since the chain is really heavy it will put the skirt down

  27. Bianca Velazquez says

    Azzy boys can be shirtless

  28. Joseph Perreira says

    Why don’t you just cut the top off the jeep and pour in and to the cup

  29. christina poling says

    The pool hack with the floaty type things works I have a pool I did it and waited a day

  30. Lost Souls says

    The pool hack works

  31. Milo Trebnick says

    The swim cap one actually works

  32. Amy bowden says

    I tried the pool heater thing in my pool and it did not work for me

  33. hallie mccluskey says

    The one with the pool actually works

  34. Baked potato says

    My sister tried the ring hack…… it akmost ripped her skin off

  35. h i says

    5:06 make a metal pool!

  36. Gabija Kielaitė says

    That tiger reminds my huski puppy

  37. Kawaii _turtle says

    When I was in fourth grade we walked to sudlow and two third graders were next to me and one other got a GIANT splinter in her palm and I was almost gonna puke it was so lodged in her palm

  38. Mary Clark says


  39. Louvenia Young says

    Yas 😁😁

  40. Sophita Voelker says

    You put black garbage bags on the pool because black absorbed sun ☀️


  41. Kimberly Adler says

    I mean, she’s spitting hacks out of her mouth..

  42. Kimberly Adler says

    Me at the beginning: is she having a seizure Rn?

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