Dumbest People Ever On The Internet!

Dumbest People Ever On The Internet!
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  1. Lucia Reinker says

    All who actually laughed



  3. Alvin Santos says

    Can you make another music video Pls I sub and shout out pls

  4. Alvin Santos says

    Can you make another music video Pls I sub and shout out pls

  5. Magicspongebob 32 says

    991 isn’t an emergency number. 999 is England and 911 is America, is 991 the Azzyland country emergency number?

  6. Jane Santos says

    Azzy calm down it's probably a Philippino thermometer 😂 Instead of putting it in your mouth you put it in your armpit lol

  7. AnDinh Tran says

    1:01 No but you can physically abuse someone in public and get away with it

  8. Gacha Elephant says

    This dude says England is my city

    Me: London is my city England is my country.

  9. kaye oof says

    Ipad's acttualy have a calling thing

  10. ManhaRockz says

    Did azzy say 991

  11. Harper Hutchinson says

    Azzy: Hello! 991!
    (Instead of 911)

  12. lilbarber says

    Harriet Tubman is also a girl

  13. rffm18 says

    6:39 HAHAH… This is funny and sad at the same time… ;-; 😂

  14. TayTay Kiwi says

    Nah we like to have Alaska trust me I live in the USA 🇺🇸 but there are two states not connected to us Hawaii and Alaska

  15. Lily Davies says

    England is not a city

  16. Texting Stories says

    There is a London Ontario maybe she is moving to London Ontario

  17. CuteMax Revile says

    Sorry…but can we talk about the thumbnail 🤣😆

  18. BueBolt 99 says

    Isn’t a triangle flat tho

  19. Reyna Hormann says

    My sister thinks the world is flat and she is very smart

  20. Rokaya Elibrashy says

    The dislikes are these people and their families 😂

  21. Ivy Leaf says

    Leeds is my city (in the north of England)

  22. Cora Lobel says

    Hey azzy you said 991 in stead of 911 just telling u

    I also love your vids I'm sorry if that sounded mean, cause if it did then I'm so sorry😭😢

  23. Bree the Bumblebee says

    ^ ^
    ( *_*)
    / > 🍔

  24. Matt Burden says

    Alaska is the biggest state in the U.S.A it is 1,500 times bigger than Wales, 5x bigger than Texas and 6x bigger than Florida!!! It is also a quarter the size of the U.S.A if it was not apart of it!!

  25. jisoobear says

    people pointing out that she said 991, it was on purpose.

  26. spirit flame says

    Stay away from my polar bears

  27. robloxsuckc ytuf says

    She said 991

  28. Abygal Leffler says

    The earth is a cube everyone who is a Minecraft fan knows dis

  29. Giovanna Machado says

    Who else loves Azzy? <3 <3

  30. Meernan Abdulaziz says

    Azzy said 991

  31. Meernan Abdulaziz says

    We have prime ministers too

  32. Martha Ita says

    Anyone else hear her say 991???

  33. Milagros Gabriela Vargas says

    9:18 my classmate also asked wats IDK and I said I don’t know and thought that I didn’t really know.😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    BTW who’s watching in 2019?

  34. MrChiefeagle says

    The London one could be one not in England there are like 5 cities or towns in the world with that name

  35. Jill Lumley says

    991? I thought it was 911 lol

  36. What!?!? Everybody knows that the





  37. Did anybody notice that azzy said 991 instead of 911 like if you did

    NAH!!!! Jokes don’t like if you noticed I’m not a like begger 🙂

  38. Rose Bloze says

    Thomas Jefferson is on the $2 bill and the 2nd President..

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