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  1. Sydney Paro says

    you posted this on the exact date i met my absolute best friend 😀

  2. Deborah Hutsell says

    Yea insulting Chinese people is fancy 👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻👐🏻👏🏻

  3. Julia Parry says

    Don't worry Azzy, I'm Canadian too

  4. cami sly says

    You are beautiful person scrolling through the comments

  5. cami sly says

    I have a cousin born on feburary 29

  6. Death uwu says


  7. gacha flowers says

    My mom lost wait in 4weeks by going on a patato and then went vegan and then normal

  8. Blue cloud adventure Cards says

    Jesus's autograph is Veronica's cloth

  9. rffm18 says

    7:27 Just turn off the monitor and make sure you have lights in ur area… -_-

  10. rffm18 says

    6:34 Isnt there a cloth where Jesus wipes his face with it?? Its a relic and it counts as an autograph, doesnt it???

  11. Lainey Martinez says

    Azzy: It's just a food baby.
    Me: So what is it, a tomato, an apple, a french fry?

    Lol so funny

  12. mariefitzy09 Playz says

    Ha I was drinking when you put the pinky up and I dunno why but I think I’m a lil fancy bc sometimes I don’t realise it but MY PINKY IS UP AM I DA QUEEEN? (Jk I’m not the queen but the finger is allways up when I drink..

  13. mariefitzy09 Playz says

    Well no but 1+2 can be five but the one is just straight so you put the one down then you take the bottom off the two and kinda put it on top off the one then take the top off the two and put it at the bottom you probs don’t get me but yea I actually tried it on paper but it did work so ya

  14. mariefitzy09 Playz says

    Well the person who bullies me said I was sexist and it was really offending because I just want to be a successful person who is nice well my life ain’t that bad or ain’t that good soo I get bullied,parents are divorced,I hate my life and well yea..

  15. hiba karaghuli says

    I swear to god people here in Canada we DO NOT have maple leaves as toilet paper

  16. Mike's & Fay's Games says

    I’m Canadian we do have toilet paper

  17. Khaos Kitten says

    I had a rumour go around school that I got chased out of my home town (stoke on trent) with pitchforks 🤷‍♀️😂😂😂 some kids are ridiculous.

  18. Gachaworld M says

    Everybody: like my comment it’s my b-day/my dog died/cat died/my family member is in the hospital
    Also everybody: I’m not saying something so can I have likes for being honest
    Guys, why are you guys asking for likes? Like what u gonna do with them?

    Like if you agree (that’s a joke you don’t have to ;-;)

  19. Avery Freyja Julienne says

    Azzy at 0:02 looks like a different person

  20. Enomoto Takane says

    Weirdest rumor about me- was me doing self harm- the teachers knew it and did nothing lol (the rumors were true-)

  21. Doggy 500 says

    I'm pretty sure we use toilet paper here in canada!

  22. Reba Abbott says

    my sis is allergect to the sun

  23. Clark's Rules says

    4:43 you can do 2+two to make 5

  24. Sophie Tsui says

    The moment when they mentioned Ice Cubes and pooping

    I had to go

  25. Dog Lover says

    You got more beautiful brows here!!!

  26. Bizzy Izzy says

    There is a girl that can’t go outside because she has 0 immune system and if she goes outside or has windows or outside doors she will catch a desease and probably die

  27. Daniel Knoblock says

    Oh the sassy ness from azzy lmao 😂

  28. Alexisthe cookiewolf says

    OMG! In your thumbnail on the bottom it says Joshua Temple I have a teacher in my school named that!

  29. The Angry Little Alchemist says

    Ridiculous rumor about me. From middle school.
    I met my boyfriend at pet world.

    I was single. I volunteered at the humane society two years prior. There's two major things wrong here. How tf did that rumor come to be? Who made that crap up?

  30. xXSnowlie_StudiosXx says

    Q: if i eat myself would i become twice as big or disapear completely?

    my answer: neither, you would eat a bit of yourself and soom die bc….. Y U B eating yo bodeh?

  31. Dani Carreras says

    They are not locked up! My mom was born on feb 29

  32. Da little lapis kitsune says

    Fun fact: people that are allergic to the sun are informally named ‘children of the night’

  33. Jayson Hammer says

    A PURRR son

  34. KILLER ZWEG says

    2+2=5 you can do it. If you dont show the decimals and mathematicel round the number off. So 0.1is 0, 0.2 is 0, but 0,6 is 1 etc. Than you can have 2,4+2,4=4,8 so 2+2=5 😏

  35. NoahJKPlays says

    It’s my birthday
    My dog died
    Can I have a like?
    Because I totally laugh did laugh not lie

  36. Noah Pfeiffelman says

    Jesus' autograph is all of creation.

  37. Jessica Simpson says

    OK, for the question: If I eat myself would I become twice as big or disappear completely?my guess for the answer is that the only thing left would most likely be your stomach

  38. Teya Truthwaite says

    I live in Canada 🇨🇦 and Azzyland is not lying!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Interstellar Dance says

    Canadians use toilet paper!!!!!

  40. RoseRibbon says

    I had a rumor about my guy friend cheating on me… We weren't dating, but for some reason, everyone shipped us #justatypicaldayofmylife

  41. Leafy_and_ Misty says

    On the very Las question I started to sing "Call Dr.Phill"

  42. Saotome Meari says

    Im allergic to the sun too 😀👌

  43. little Nattie says

    There was a rumour going around about me once.
    The police actually got involved and to be honest it's to disgusting to put on here

  44. Andrew Walker Jr. says

    Pause on 4:01


  45. Carlos J. Landa M. says

    In the Amazing World of Gumball ( a cartoon show ) in an episode, Gumall ate himself and he completely disappeared

  46. A Swedish Kid says

    I love Azzy,
    probably you too.
    But this is how many times
    she said ”WHO RAISED YOU?!”


  47. Abigail Sciuto says

    The eating of yourself question. My one friend asked this. Then my whole class had a whole conversation bout it lol

  48. EVIE KANE says

    if you ate yourself you would turn inside out

  49. Mariah Huff says

    I have a question if you punch yourself and it hurts will that make you strong or weak

  50. James Cicman says

    5:09 if u ate enough u would die u cannot eat your whole body

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