Easy Baked Artichoke

Easy Baked Artichoke
Here is what you’ll need! Ingredients: artichoke lemon olive oil salt pepper minced garlic parsley parmesan Directions: Remove the stem of the artichoke.

Source Tasty
  1. danceyoufoo dance says


  2. Kruxxor says

    Anyone who doesn't know how to eat artichoke wasn't fed right growing up.

  3. Myle says

    The only part that was eaten was also the only part that didn't get any seasoning, or even some lemon

  4. David says

    Che schifo

  5. Jellal Fernandez says

    is baby artichoke safe to eat??
    eat…. whole of them??

  6. Anh Nguyễn Bảo Phúc says

    Where is the measurement???

  7. Tolga blue says

    I hope you dont throw the leaves off

  8. Speedy says

    what was the point of putting the cheese on? I can see the flavor of the seasonings seeping in but the cheese was a waste….

  9. Diana Kelley says

    please add the recipe for the dipping sauce in your recipe directions above! thnx

  10. Rachelle Goodwin says

    I'm planing on trying this for Friday night what about mozzarella cheese instead of parmerson chesse and ranch dressing?

  11. Starcat productions says

    Oh no

  12. Mandy says

    que negócio tosco

  13. Nern Guan says

    nah i don't think i can agree on this

  14. Blainey Wainey says

    does tasty have an obsession with cheese or something

  15. Dusk Kodesh says

    You can also eat the inside of the stem. It's as good as the heart if the artichoke is healthy and fresh.

  16. Nataline Gloriana says

    why don't they pull I all that leaves from the first time, so they can directly season & cook the heart part and not wasting all the seasoning?

  17. Araceli V says

    Sorry i never eaten one, 😳 but that cheese and everything that they put in the artichoke ,why the do that?? if you are supposed to eat only the little thing that is in the middle.🤔❓❔

  18. fivelightsonahill says

    You cant eat the outer layers?

  19. RawB0x says

    i once bought a artichoke, i pealed it all and didn't know what to eat

  20. Oskarooni says

    YASSSS!!!! 😍

  21. Linda Pulido says


  22. Montana says

    Anyone wondering, you eat the leaves too not just the middle, you just use your teeth to get the "meat" off of the leaves!

  23. Bob Ross says

    It might have choked Arty, but it ain't gonna choke ole Stimey.

  24. Adrienne Ray says

    hello people, you don't only eat the middle part or the "heart." you can eat the leaves also! the inner part of the leaves, you scrape with your teeth. its delish

  25. Sobia Afzal says

    y didnt u take out the middle part before cooking if thats eatable y so much struggle

  26. Zlexia2 says

    Does anyone else thing the "ohh yes" is really disturbing?

  27. Sheri Prest-Herman says

    I was concerned about the choke in the middle and what they were going to do with it. Problem solved! Not sure it comes out this clean all the time. Looks delicious enough to try though! 🙂

  28. Carlos Rodriguez says


  29. Crafty, Tasty, & Easy says


  30. sabbath einst says

    chef: what u want
    artichoke: just fuck my shit up fam

  31. ProughZack says

    I'm convinced that artichokes are not actually meant to be eaten, because you have to go through so much bullshit to get to the good part and the good part isn't even fucking good.

  32. Moufadel hasna says

    Miam miam

  33. scorpioninpink says

    All that trouble for that? This is why I hate Artichokes.

  34. 4ever says

    oh no

  35. Fuck you and your fucking cheese

  36. Timmothy McCandless says

    I think you are supposed to take out the choke before you cook it

  37. Jenny Hou says

    wait that's how ur supposed to eat artichoke? don't judge meh; ive never eaten artichoke before XD

  38. Mika Chabeda says

    I don't even like artichoke

  39. RobinOrzo says

    I love artichoke but its so much damn work just for that heart….I usually buy it canned (I know…I know…but I'm lazy….)

  40. Ray says

    im back

  41. Sydney DiBenedetto says

    I don't understand how you eat it?

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