Easy Cute Winter Braid Hairstyle

Easy Cute Winter Braid Hairstyle
Hey everyone! I have decided to film a quick and easy half updo braid hairstyle for winter. The head piece I used for this hairstyle is a golden leaf hairband from …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. ElvieWinter Sixx says

    Your hair is goals and your videos are SO inspiring!!

  2. BTS FOREVER!!! says

    Your cat is very cute!🐱💞

  3. Sophie Freeman says


  4. It’sRoooh says

    Girl I wish I had your eye colour

  5. Ambrosia Monega says

    I love all your hairstyle videos!!!!

  6. Sousou Barada says

    so nice

  7. Princess Jamzy says

    ELSAAAA. Beautiful girl

  8. Amaya Craft says

    that is a fish tell or 3 braid

  9. MacyThe Singer says

    OMG!!!!! KITY!!! Sorry, I'm an animal geek.

  10. Seline xx says

    how did you do this make up style

  11. Mina. Z says

    You look gorgeous with this makeup look!

  12. Channa Mehwish says

    loved it

  13. georgia basketball says

    with these hairstyles you look like an ancient greek woman…!! i also love your hair very much!!!<3

  14. АнЯ БеЛкА says

    Very good!)) Prodalzhay in the same spirit)) :3 ♥♥

  15. naomi orange says

    my hair is so thin and stupid like I can't even. no matter what style I put it in it always looks awful because its so thin that it just looks silly and it always snaps and gets greasy so easily ughghgg

  16. nlitvvin says

    Woooah, nie sądziłam, że jesteś Polką…

  17. Abby Rose says

    I really want to do this prom, its harder than it looks though (for me at least) haha I'll have to keep practicing! <3

  18. Raja Abid says

    I ♡ u

  19. Cara Willett says

    my hair is just too thin and not long enough to try the hairstyles she makes but they look amazing!

  20. Perle Noire says

    What's your hair's color ????
    I want it because i will marry next month

  21. schmkin' says

    Does anyone else think she sounds like zeal

  22. Carj Baquiran says

    i like your hair color:) what colors did you use to achieve that?

  23. Iga kkk says

    skoro jesteś Polką to może dasz napisy dzięki temu zdobędziesz więcej polskich widzów

  24. Maria Baron says

    I'm so much excited for your next video.🦄

  25. Savohna H says

    your make up is on point

  26. Navia Xx says

    Oglądam od roku a tutaj taka miła niespodzianka, już wiem dlaczego jesteś taka piękna 🙂

  27. Maria Bartkowska says

    OMG patrzę sobie na twoje filmiki bo dopiero co cię odkryłam i byłam przekonana że jesteś brytyjką, nie słychać u ciebie ani trochę innego akcentu i tu taki szok że mówisz też po polsku !

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