Easy Dinner For A Cozy Valentine's Day At Home • Tasty

Easy Dinner For A Cozy Valentine's Day At Home • Tasty
The perfect meal to enjoy a date night in for Valentine’s Day this year! Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 About Tasty: The official YouTube channel of all …

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  1. Matthew Francis says

    Hey Guys! I'm the Chef and Tasty Producer of this video. Olivia and I went to High School together so I asked her to come on to tasty and make dinner for her girlfriend! aren't they the cutest! what did you think of the video? I'll be sure to text Olivia what you say! <3

  2. Star Cherry says

    Damn they put the raw meat next to vegetables like that?? 😹

  3. Star Cherry says

    Wait a min…
    I just realised that Tasty didn't do anything for pride this year!

  4. judy kamau says


  5. sugga beauty says

    Love this food looks amazing i will try this.

  6. I Am Nellie says

    Very excited to make the chicken potatoes…. mouth watering

  7. Plastic Bucket says

    For me to get the ingredients for this I have to go to the shops . Where I live that's a military manoeuvre . B

  8. Cooking With Brent says

    This is amazing right now. This valentine's day Cooking With your love is awesome and the food taste so deliciously good and tasty 2 perfection. Real Talk 123.

    Chef Brent

  9. Lizbeth The person says

    Why am I watching this Valentine’s Day is over AND I’m single

  10. Kyoiskami says

    Sprinkles dont have a taste thougj, they're a texture.

  11. yash agarwal says

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  12. Daniel S. says

    Well, of course the presenters would be a homosexual couple, it seems every freaking show has to add gay people in order to seem politically correct … What a weird world we live in…

  13. Ava ava says

    Well you learn something new everyday. I thought a leek was only a fantasy food from skyrim

  14. 麦秋 says

    Gaysty. (no offense at all)

  15. Jayda Joseph says

    Uhh food my everyday Valentine😍😍😍

  16. legand killer says

    Nice lesbians food

  17. Sky Raven says

    They look like siblings omg

  18. Tina W says

    How is that chicken even spicy!?!

  19. sis, sum tea says

    a shot for everytime they said "we like to spend time together"

  20. Ssancho ASMR싼초 says

    The idea is so good… 😍😍😍

  21. Bloody Cactus says


  22. Danny Lieberwirth says

    'we like to add as many veggies as possible' thats potatoes and onions you put in there, are americans okay

  23. Alexander Lacaden says

    Cooking this

    For myself

  24. Neha I. says

    Your valentine dinner has too much Indian in it 🙂

  25. Aj combalicer says

    Where's all my single folks at? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  26. Gigi Walker says

    A little late now

  27. rakhi mondal says

    Are they lesbo

  28. star_scream music chaneel says

    fucking lizbos

  29. Acemi Şef says

    Yummmy ❤️❤️

  30. my-financial-wealth blog says

    Diabetes on dessert.

  31. Jessica Barnes says

    So why not upload it a few days before Valentine's Day so we could actually make it???

  32. Bushra Khalique says

    I need some of that chicken in my life

  33. dash7man says

    They’re very cute together. And I am alone on Valentine’s Day watching this. Sigh.

  34. Antheia Flowers says

    i think the only reason Tastys food seems good is just cause it’s always packed with our weaknesses

  35. Arshi Expert Dresses says


  36. Kyle Yu says

    why are the people doing the video lesbian? WHY IS EVERYONE LESBIAN and gay

  37. Soundaryah Pandurajan says

    This really makes me hungry!!

  38. Asteroux says

    "… like human beings…"


  39. Asteroux says


  40. Thuy Vy Nguyen says

    Wow the food looks AMAZING! I’m using this in the future! 💜

  41. 鹭拾月 says

    Single dog, single dog, single all the way

  42. Asena says

    am i the only one who got uncomfortable when they put seeds of the lemon in the yogurt sauce at 2.15 ??

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