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  1. sindhu manoj says

    Hey do a skincare video…which u follow for ur perfect skin

  2. Tia X says

    in our school we are allowed light make up in year 10 but i definately push it

  3. Luca Die Fritte says

    We're allowed to wear Makeup as much as we want hehe

  4. Federica says

    At my school we can wear makeup, I’ve never heard of a school where you can’t

  5. Grace Whisler says

    At my school you can wear whatever you want, this one girl even showed up to school with bright blue and red fake lashes and the teachers just called it "a big statement"

  6. Caitlin Metcalfe says

    When I was in yr 7 my school gave people they thought were wearing make up a wipe to take it all off 😂

  7. hannah10 x says

    this girl and boy in my school both have makeup accounts and have like 15k followers and they do it as a job and they were full face makeup everyday wtf

  8. Zinc says

    We just kinda get told off for 'sharpie eyebrows' but my school doesn't really care about makeup but some of the girls in year 11 look orange and it's painful

  9. Sofina Sommerseth says

    My school allow makeup if it’s not noticeable!! If ur caught with maskara or like fake lashes u get detention, as u get older they’re not so strict on ur makeup

  10. Hannah J says

    We can only wear makeup in 6th form (years 12 and 13) but everyone shows up looking like wotsits anyway 😂

  11. Melanie Teillier says

    what number/shade do you have in the concealer?

  12. Mowgli corn says

    great video lyssssssm gorgeous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this is such a pretty makeup look xxxxxxx the rules at my school are that you are only allowed to wear makeup after year 10 xxxxxxxxxx these products look really pretty, and that highlighter looks so pretty!! xxxxxxxxxx I love your aura you give me such happy vibes love your videos xxxxxxxxxxxx mwahhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. shulolly says

    Lol we cant even wear lip balm LIkE SERIOUSLY 😒 bcz “its too SHINY” i wanted to scream to the teachers so bad ugh but i do wear some makeup i do a korean lip which teachers wre dumb and cant realize lol and a little highlight wont hurt and some foundation just my pimple areas and redness oof they dont allow nail polish i LOVE doing my nails but i still do it lol REBEl LIFE

  14. milli OMG says

    love your mirror

  15. Sunrise Productions ! says

    Wash your beauty blender with Johnson's Baby Bath in luke warm water for about five minutes adding occasional squirts of shower gel and squeezing until clean. Works for me every time! ☺

  16. Queen Potato27 says

    At school we can wear makeup but it has to look a bit natural rather than bright green on your face and it’s the same the hair

  17. kathryn davis says

    classic amount golden vnnth neither appoint evident supervisor log surgery kind kit pig music leading.

  18. Viktoriq Penkova says

    You look pretty… 😍😘😗

  19. Gala Galic says

    Do full face of Essence make up ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Amirah Armani says

    What shade concealer are you?? xx

  21. stardust says

    Can't wear makeup in my school you get a makeup wipe

  22. Carissa Sedgwick says

    What is the best BB cream/Light weight foundation for back to school?

  23. Leah O. says

    Love this look, thank you so much 💕💕

  24. Eloise D says

    who else likes before even watching the video? cuz i do

  25. Jess Wright says

    For school I wear a lot of concealer instead of foundation, a little highlight , mascara and fill in my eyebrows a bit but I'm only going into yr 9 so I can't get away with much love you,! Xx

  26. gemini says

    In my school we can wear foundation but it can't be too cakey/too much.

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