Easy Everyday Korean Style Makeup

Easy Everyday korean Style makeup
Hi guys, I’m back from Singapore Yay! But if you follow me on IG you will probrably know. Lately, I have been rocking this everyday soft smokey eyes Ulzzang …

Easy Everyday Korean Style Makeup. #Easy #Everyday #Korean #Style #Makeup
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  1. Noor Abdelhalim says

    Why does she look so much like send sooyoung?

  2. Vasken Geyranian says

    this makeup helped me look like lion too and the same thanks

  3. Katelynn Lee says

    You should do makeup reviews or a beginners guide.

  4. Mitch Mun says

    What circle lens do you used.?

  5. C M says

    Hey eyes are gorgeous 😍❤

  6. Fati Fansa says

    I wanna try it since I like Korean style so put together and clean
    But the problem is i don't have a clean skin like Koreans
    Also my color complications is yellowish/gold/ a bit tan
    So idk if it's going to suit me

  7. Sha&Shan DIY says

    Omg, such a pretty makeup look! ❤️

  8. RASENGAN 31907 says

    Where can I get those contacts

  9. Sakshi Nalawade says

    Nice make up

  10. Tishia Darmawan says

    It subtle so that at first glance they would think your not wearing makeup.

  11. fifianti anti says

    I am with you new make-up

  12. Tonu Tojo says

    plz add a hair repair tutorial 😄😅. In your u tube channel

  13. Lil_ monster :3 says

    You look like girl's generation sunny

  14. Jasmine Chang says

    Your so pretty~~~~

  15. Yoongi Bambamed Bobby's smile says

    So pretty

  16. Negin Nasiri says

    You look alot like Tiffany SNSD

  17. ♡츄♡ says

    i love your voice it's very calm

  18. Christine Andrea Bautista says

    Hair tutorial for this video pls ☹️

  19. nak won says

    Wow beautiful thank you love you

  20. Alina Zhursin says

    Are you so pretty!! 🌨️

  21. Johanne Lund says

    very uncanny valley

  22. Avia Mance says

    God, Korean makeup is so natural!

  23. mari gh says

    한국…보다는 일본스럽다 파운데이션이 촉촉한거였다면 더 한국스러웠겠다…


    you're my favorite youtuber this year. i like it 😍

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