Easy Everyday Makeup Hair

Easy Everyday Makeup/Hair/Outfit Ft. Yesstyle
Hi guys sorry for the delay, I would like to thank all of you girls who submitted your photos but some of them were private so I couldn’t feature them.

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  1. Rose Mary Jane Icban says

    Omg!!! Your so beautiful.

  2. Jenniemark Eien Audrey Pasague says

    Your shoes brought my attention! What do you call those kind of shoes n where can i buy them?

  3. NicoleKarpov says

    Use the Bonuscode 🍀🍀3KQH3M🍀🍀 for an extra discount when ordering from Yesstyle!

  4. Asha Desai says

    I hate you over acting girl

  5. Wonderland Mad says


  6. Young행복감 says

    How do u not of MILLIONS OF FANS? Your so beautiful omg 😍😍❤️

  7. Pëächy Bäbë says

    Ur lips tho it makes me faint 😍

    – im so late this vid was published 2yrs huhuhu

  8. PURE JOONIE says


  9. Melissa Rosales says

    You’re soo prettyyyy

  10. Melissa Rosales says

    I recently cut my hair this short and it looks stunning when I have it straight but I also have naturally curly hair sooo…can’t look pretty when it’s short and curly haha

  11. Brookeee Reyesss says

    I'm gonna do this look for school tmr!

  12. park mochi says

    she's so gorgeous. she's making me envious.

  13. Abigail Flores says

    Me gustó el tips del pelo 🙂

  14. Laiba Farhan says

    How do I achieve your figure?!?

  15. Laiba Farhan says

    How are you so perfect?

  16. JenOfArC says

    I really love this video. Sichen is very beautiful 😘

  17. Erika Gonzalez says

    Eres hermosa, acabo de encontrarte y me encantan tus videos los amé 😍😍😍

  18. Mily Adray says

    2 years ago when old Instagram exist…

  19. Angela Audrey says

    All time favorite toturial ever sis! ♥♥

  20. Queen K says

    If snsd tiffany and momoland jane have a daughter, that would be u

  21. Jasmine Meredith says

    beautiful skin, beautiful face, belly button piercing, AND a thigh gap… wth……. where can i get all your secrets?!?!!?

  22. Carly Diep says

    Your so freaking pretty❣

  23. __TIMA__ _ says

    She’s so pretty she could be a modellll like for vougue

  24. Caitlyn Nguyen says

    If only I got packages from Yesstyle that quickly…

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