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Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Kevin Smith says

    I'm called Stella 😂❤️

  2. Ella says

    It's funny how I don't even wear makeup but I'm still watching this

  3. Madison Flower says

    You makeup vids are soooo amazing💖💖💖 slay

  4. Holly Freeman says

    You look so much different with freckles😘 but they look cute xxxx

  5. Sad yellow Sock says

    U r sooo good at make up

  6. Arisha Hussain says

    Roxie U R unbelievable damn pretty

  7. Queen Garcia says

    I really needed this tutorial. Lol even though it isn't spring anymore😂😂😂😂My face is really a mess right now and needed a little tutorial thx ❤️

  8. Rafiya Naqvi says

    WE LOVE YOU !!!! Please film a summer make up look! It's so hot this summer and it's hard to find makeup that'll last through alll the humidity

  9. Isabell Skjølberg says

    my insta is queen_isabell for the giveaway. Really hope i win the 2 million sub giveaway. love your vids! 💛

  10. Alieva Sahila says

    Кто из России??

  11. Ula gymnast says

    Love you 💋💋

  12. Hello Hello says

    I'm askin because it was a polish word

  13. Hello Hello says

    I was reading the dhzuma dhzuma on hooked what does it mean btw lv lv lv ya videos

  14. Sally 1997 says

    Thank you u always beautiful this helps me 💕💞

  15. Saficcino says

    i love this channel to the point where i watch makeup tutorials eventho i dont wear makeup ever.

  16. Saficcino says

    i love this channel to the point where i watch makeup tutorials eventho i dont wear makeup ever.

  17. itsmeash says

    I ❤ YOU ROXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Rachel Green says

    Omg 😀 You're from Poland <3

  19. elena says

    "Lottie London in shade Zayn"

    I'm waiting for the fam to come up😂😍😘

  20. miss feder says

    where your shirt from???

  21. Kelsey McDonagh says

    Mascara Tip: apply mascara to bottom lashes first so it doesn't come off on eyelids!! 😌

  22. Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says

    what kinda liner ?

  23. Maria Zoltan says

    Hi! I want to know that this make up is good for brown eyes and brown hair?

  24. Eimear Nic Dhonnchadha says

    I have natural freckles and hate them

  25. Mylightprincess Vicky says

    I like that cute make up….

  26. حلي يومك M&S says

    yaaas, i love these colors !!! your makeup SLAYED THE GAME, babe, it looks suuuper flawless and gorgeous, IM OBSESSED WITH IT !!!! You're suuuper beautiful, real GODDESS !! 😍😍 Btw I also have a makeup channel, can you check it out and maybe subscribe back if you like it? xoxo

  27. Lucy Gower says

    No highlight 😭

  28. Beth M says

    Such a beautiful natural look !!!

  29. Charlotte Thévenot says

    Having beautiful blue eyes help at being so fresh and pretty (from a Brown eyed frustrated girl aha)

  30. lindefox says

    You are so cute and adorable you're just the amazing YouTuber in the world love you so so much darling keep it up ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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