Easy Makeup For Glasses Wearer

Easy Makeup For Glasses Wearer

Hi, guys ! I hope you are having a great day/night so far so for this week it’s a requested tutorial for some of you guys who usually wear glasses without wearing …

Easy Makeup For Glasses Wearer
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  1. Lena Luxx says

    i want these glasses so bad but i think they're out of stock?

  2. Princess Marshella Horman says

    I dont wear glasses but i wanna try this look

  3. 3odiak says

    Девушка и так очень красивая , зачем ей прятать такую красоту под макияжем .

  4. Mariam Essack says

    Wen shes not smiling she kinda looks like kang mirae from my ID is gangnam beauty

  5. Santoshi Devi says

    I am glasses wearing

  6. living the best rn says

    I am passionately waiting for ur new vedio….

  7. Натали ььь says


  8. Min Changiee says

    Can you please be someone who does my makeup? I need some petty makeup cause I’m asian =^= (this is a joke lmao)

  9. Galuh Widhiatmoyo says

    Yeah but the thing is, I can't see shit without my glasses

  10. Risa Nakamura says

    言葉が分からなくても すごく分かりやすかったです!(*^^*)

  11. Tanya Pilkington says

    thx For subbing to Jacksepticeye

  12. Citta Santi says

    N you're my inspiration♡♡♡

  13. LongKhoeurng Loung says

    Can boy wear the circle sunglasses?

  14. trusha rahate says

    I m almost totally blind without my glasses so how do I apply eye makeup?!

  15. GGG ll says


  16. Nastena Vodyanina says


    Бывaло ли у Ваc тaк: Вы сняли xoрошеe видeо, пoтpатили кучу вpeмeни нa монтаж, вложили душу, нo пpосмотpов онo не нaбираeт?

    Вcе дело в том, чтo для набора прoсмoтров срaзу пocлe публикaции роликa ему неoбходимo дать стаpтoвый "тoлчoк" в видe неcкольких тыcяч пpосмoтрoв.

    Для этого oтлично пoдхoдит cepвиc "Вибум", в котоpoм за пару кликoв мoжнo разместить вaшe видеo на coтнях площадок.

    C Сeрвиcoм Вы пoлучaeте:

    – Живые проcмотры на Вaши видеоролики
    – Прирoст подпиcчикoв на кaнал
    – Cтартовый "тoлчок" для вaшeго видеo, пoслe котoрoго oно активнee пoдxвaтывaeтся алгopитмами YouTube и начинает пpинoсить проcмотры ужe нa автоматe
    – Никакиx ботoв и нaкрутoк, толькo peaльные пользовaтели, котоpым интересeн Вaш кoнтент
    – Сеpвиc нe наpушaeт прaвилa YouTube

    Oцeнить pаботу cервисa можнo тут:

  17. FELIX'S GRANDMA says

    Step1: be asian
    Step2: be pretty

  18. Lunar Eclipse says

    Where's the makeup?

  19. alfiya talukdar says

    Why korean people specialy womans are so beautiful??

  20. the other Anna says

    I wish I had the motivation to wear CIRCLE LENSES AND glasses?? Bruh if I'm wearing glasses it's to avoid contacts—

  21. Ghanshyam Gupta says

    At 0:20 its like my eye glass

  22. Alexa Colon says

    This was a really good tutorial! Especially since I wear glasses. Now I have some help to do makeup to wear with my glasses!

  23. Jiten Singh says

    Sis what's the color ? Is it copper? I luv the spec I wanna take it

  24. The Basic Witch says

    Might as well only wear mascara and call it a day, so many products for barely any difference…

  25. Potato Face says

    You smile a lot with your eyes, how do you prevent or get rid of eye wrinkles?????

  26. Jeonggukk says

    What is the name of your eyeglass and shape? Please reply need that design fkr my face shape

  27. M. N. says


  28. Sbitri Kumari says

    Your smile is Sooooo cute😍

  29. Maria Fernanda Alvarez Tovio says


  30. are you kirring mi irrriya?? says

    step 1 : be you = a goddess

  31. 嘿我的小可爱 says

    her skin…………is flawless…………😭😭😭

  32. funfullyeh says

    why is make up with glasses different with no glasses makeup.

  33. Mia says

    Yessss I was searching one where I could only apply on my eyes and still look ok

  34. RachellebearOfficial says

    I lab ur tutorials..😍😍😍

  35. Jihane Jj says

    U know I do really like ur videos because they are short abd ure quick..

  36. crime vegas says

    Ur voice is very mesmerizing….u can become a good singer… But I wanna hear ur voice while u r frustrated or angry…. At that time also I think ur voice will be so cute…

  37. JenOfArC says

    Pretty girl. Your eyeglasses suits you. Loved it! ❤

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