Easy Painting Hacks for Beginners!

Easy Painting Hacks for Beginners!
Learn how to paint like a pro with these 20 easy painting hacks for beginners! For more tips, tricks, and creative ideas subscribe to Blossom! Subscribe to …

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  1. Dodo Candytv says

    But this is also my fav

  2. Dodo Candytv says

    Wow.. I love candies.. A lot

  3. Belle Ngimbi says


  4. Janvi Patel says

    Want my hydro flask save the turtles and I oop sksksksksksksksks

  5. Carla Hernández says

    3:25 tripofobia 😲

  6. Monir Hasan says

    My teacher : What do you draw with?

    Me : It's complicated

  7. EMI lopez moreno says

    Is that a hydro flasksksksksk?

  8. Tania Eva says

    3:25 Sayonara tripophobic people

  9. Zoey Loveheart says

    Why are you always using a ugly looking emoji after almost every hack

  10. Naseema Pavoor says

    Waow wonderful

  11. Robert Bailey 369 says


  12. Evinne Reed says

    Why does the music sound like stranger things

  13. Alysbar says

    Love this video!!!

    Could you do a video on canvas abstracts with a bit more details that includes the type of paint you're using as you're doing them?

  14. W Sue says

    Amazing and simple

  15. Naisha Patel says

    Hydro dip the hydro flask…. VSCO girls are suddenly in love with this channel

  16. Indian Gamer says

    Wow very nicee video

  17. collette caraway says

    LOVE it!

  18. Gavish Luximon says

    It is only after an art exam that we would see this kind of video💯💯

  19. NC Channel says

    I want to mix Red and blue! 😄😄

    Mix blue and rer
    Accidentaly drop the Brown color.

    The color become Black.


  20. Asmaa El Alaoui says

    Hi I love this

  21. Khumujam Nalini says

    This is an awesome idea , I love it😘

  22. Suvarna Patil says

    Me: who would use chocolate for painting
    Blossom: hey it's paint😂

  23. Icy Sun says

    Few people at same time: First!

    Logic has left chat

  24. Soun Telgote says


  25. Alisha Rahman says

    Too much wastage of paint.Its feel hurt when u are broke😟😟

  26. Kim Sorine says

    Number 18 😂😂❤

  27. Noobie ka bapp-GAMES World says

    But its fantastic

  28. Noobie ka bapp-GAMES World says

    U just posted a vdo after 6 days

  29. Who's been a fan of Blossom before 2019

    Gifting next 67 subscribers💙

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