Easy Three-Course Holiday Dinner For Beginner Cooks • Tasty

Easy Three-Course Holiday Dinner For Beginner Cooks • Tasty
Don’t get caught out this holiday season, here’s a three-course dinner that’s so easy anyone could make it! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. ash rein says

    That much salt wont you kill someone

  2. Olive Food Do You says


  3. ThisIsViridus says

    This isn’t three courses.

  4. Haley Faragalli says

    I'd be considered as a beginner

  5. You Thought says

    Looks great

  6. Abi Planet says

    Oh my days I love Caesar salad so much Ima go and make some

  7. The INDIEMAN GAMER says

    0:54 Xbox and PS4 crossplay in nutshell

  8. I B says

    the poor tenderloin🙈

  9. Inaflash 7 says

    I just had a heart attack

  10. Mae Lin says

    OKAY SODIUM 1:10

  11. Michael Brookfield says

    Dr: how on earth is your blood pressure this high?
    Me: Shows Video
    Dr: …..Holy salt mountain batman!

  12. soooo gud recipes!!!😍
    Im gonna try it on this weekend!!

  13. Lynchie says

    this is literally only one course. this is the main course, but without an entree and dessert, it's just a meal

  14. Lynchie says

    not a three course meal but aight

  15. Bren l says


  16. Caron Hernandez says

    Salad and potatoes looked good, not so sure about that meat……..

  17. PG Plays Video Games says

    Why would you mix onion soup mix with bacon and topatoes? Just carmelize some onions and add salt.

  18. Poonam smart kitchen says


  19. Confessedrock7 says

    how to spend your weekly paycheck in one meal!

  20. Chef HENRI says

    Tenderloin is overcooked. What a waste!

  21. Jamie Christerson says

    Why is the tenderloin over cooked?

  22. Christian Arroyo says

    The meat looks so….gray

  23. AjMcBee says

    Tasty: Cooking is easy! Here's one of the most expensive and easiest to overcook cuts of beef, have at it!

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