Easy To Make Pre-Workout Snacks

Easy To Make Pre-Workout Snacks
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  1. Ela says

    im watching these for snacks not to workout like who works out anymore 2018 people

    Edit: nah these things are too healthy

  2. Mary Aberilla says

    The egg cups 😋

  3. Ninja Kitty says

    preworkout snacks

  4. ennotan says

    [s n a c q u e]

  5. Fluphie Cat says

    I made the egg cups and they were delicious! My whole family loved them so much they ate them all and asked me to make more! I enjoyed making these healthy treats for my family! Easy, Fun, Healthy, and Delicious!

  6. collarmole says

    1:32 That is A LOT of peanut butter!

  7. Tu Madre says

    What’s the name of the blender they use ?

  8. chevon1920 says

    Sugar, sugar and more sugar, no thanks, 😕

  9. BunnyFett says

    So I heard you like oats…

  10. Krithi . M Srinivas says

    Can I use a microwave instead of an oven for the egg cups?

  11. ltoor56 7 says

    Eggs arent a good pre workout snack dumbasses. Eggs are mostly protein not carbs so they are for muscle recovery not energy. Oats are probably the best pre workout cuz of the high amount of carbs and other healthy shit they have.

  12. 2C World says

    Thank you so much tasty I do the (FRUIT & YOGURT PARFAIT) ITS TASTY 😋 AND FANTASTIC

  13. Dakota Tobias says

    Is it weird that I eat this after workout cuz I dont like eat before working out 😂

  14. Maja Johansson says

    Everything looks delicious!

  15. Ila Matthews says

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  16. Fabius Maximus says

    when you roast your oats , the entire kitchen smells nice for some time 🙂

  17. luke2vlogs says

    I will make these but I won't workout after

  18. kheath580 says

    you shouldnt be eating before you workout..

  19. noopur mer says

    Who thinks this video's music is inspired by Daft Punk's "Get lucky"?

  20. Ashley says

    Post workout snacks?

  21. Javi GR says

    Best preworkout is black coffee. All these sugars are fucking poison

  22. Anna Augustinová says

    The music reminds me Stronger a little bit 😀

  23. Bear says

    1. reused footage from a very recent video
    2. yea sure let me just make my oatmeal that im eating immediately in a mason jar instead of a bowl like a normal fucking person

  24. Stefano Gandolfo says

    TSP stands for Tablespoon or Teaspoon?

  25. Sock •-• says

    Could u do nicecream 4 ways?

  26. vikas tiwari says

    Wow all of them were useless 😍

  27. Gustav says

    I watched this whilst eating chocolate

  28. Bhagyavishekk Sharma says

    You guys should stick to cheat meals.. 😅😅

  29. Hải Hà Trương says

    That cucumber apple mint smoothie also includes avocado :v don't be unfair with avocado

  30. George Chivu says

    Watch Brothers Green Eats for the best granola recipe. You should eat after you exercise, not before.

  31. Lieder Minimoi says

    there arent any measurements how am i supposed to know how muh to put in the recipe?:/

  32. Delicious Bites says

    This is what I need🤤 something different from the usual boring…

  33. Hannah K says

    These look hella good but there's too many added sugars for some of these recipes. Not great for your workout performance.

  34. Shawn miranda says

    Wow these are some amazing ideas

  35. Eduardo Valdes says

    For all my hard gainers.- you only need a penaut butter jelly sandwich as a pre, and chocolate milk or cookies and milk as a post. Those are the easiest (and maybe cheaper) meals around a workout. Penaut butter provides veggie protein and energy from the natural oils, as well as the sugar in the jelly and if you use whole grain bread is a way to ensure long last energy because of the fiber. In the other hand, chocolate milk provides protein and sugar to replenish your muscles' energy bags, and start the process of recovery


    I don’t even work out ;-; ;–; ;—;

  37. Don't look at my picture says

    If any of these have soy they’re literally sabotaging you

  38. meris mce says

    Where did the other 3/4 of the oat mixture go?

  39. MrsShadyShade says

    After making this i will walk to the couch and sit down. Thats more than enough "working out" i need.

  40. miseltoe1 says

    What happened to the rest of the oat mix?

  41. Hieu Ngo says

    Daft punk music 🎶

  42. Brian Rapp says

    1976. 16. BRAPP. EATS. #1. OVALTEIN. CHOCH. IN. BANANA. VINLLA. SHAKE. 1976. 90210. canyonlocalfilmscom

  43. Ashley Guthrie says

    The blueberry bites. They just divided it into 4 and then 3 were never heard from again. ???

  44. Craigslist Oceanside says

    That smoothly looks incredibly unappetizing.

  45. Gerardo Garza García says

    Honestly, unless you're actually bulking you don't need a pre. If you really wanted one, just take caffeine, not a drink but a pill or powder. Joe de Franco says so. And Zach Perna says your body should already have enough glycogen/ketones to burn off so you could go fasting too. Just stay hydrated. So for me, no thanks to these.

  46. Megan Morimoto says

    What does ”workout” mean? If it means “get out of doing work” then im a total pro at ‘workouts’

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