Easy-To-Make Trail Mix Granola Rolls • Tasty

Easy-To-Make Trail Mix Granola Rolls • Tasty
Easy-To-Make Trail Mix Granola Rolls Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: https://bzfd.it/2ri82Z1 About Tasty: The …

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  1. Unsoundrook says

    Or you could buy some

  2. Trish Truitt says

    Hmm, raw oats? Not a good idea. They can give you some major digestive issues and plug you up like a cork.

  3. Aarambh Dubey says


  4. Mannat says

    Heated honey loses all its nutritive properties.

  5. shaima TV says

    I'm having a problem with her not holding on to me. 😞💔

  6. Brad Silvers says

    Loved the music

  7. Alex B says

    I can’t have honey (allergy), can I replace with agave?

  8. Bennyto Camelot says

    I've seen this video before

  9. lmfao says

    when you’re allergic to nuts and hate raisins 😔😔

  10. Marisa Cohen says

    These look so good but I’d rather buy granola bars from the store tbh😂

  11. trini says

    I'm not a big fan of raisins.

  12. Cake Junkie says

    Well everyday i watch video. I'm so love your cakes

  13. MyLyfeThruTheLens says

    For the second granola recipe, does anyone have a recommendation for a substitute for the coconut oil?

  14. divya divya says

    We can add chocolate chip?

  15. feebeci says

    Wow yum .. makes me wish I didn’t need to loose weight .

  16. Derrick Jones says


  17. Elisa Brozek says

    I've had a recent obsession with granola and also nutrigrain bars so I am here for this

  18. Headscientist says

    Tasty: (Makes dairy free cake)

    Howtobasic: Hold my egg

  19. Ducko1 says

    Yeah store bought is fine with me

  20. xXWildCat IcyFrostXx says

    No not raisins!!

  21. Jayarie says

    Did we really need to add honey to peanut butter? It's already sweet and sticky. Sometimes I wish you guys paused to consider health and what's needed vs just there for no reason

  22. SlimeGaming YT says

    is this meant to be healthy?


    New year's resolutions? I can help. Come over👆👆

  24. TGF Sisters says


  25. TGF Sisters says


  26. Gabriella says

    These actually look like Keith’s cookies or should I say “daddy’s favorite”

  27. flowerpowergirl says

    You should try and get people to follow recipes using only emojis. Just an idea I had.

  28. Moxie Beast says

    didn't realize it was this easy! we buy these kinds of bars all the time but this has got to be just a fraction of the cost, wow.

  29. Talented Tape says
  30. Freya the Gymnast says

    Early for once

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