Easy Vs. Gourmet: Salmon Dinner

Easy Vs. Gourmet: Salmon Dinner
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  1. Aiden Reveredo says

    That’s literally Gordon’s Salmon recipe except they added thyme in the salmon instead of seasonal spice

  2. Carolina Casal says


  3. Shut the Fuk up says

    Lmao how the fuck is the skin crispy if u fucking baised it

  4. Shut the Fuk up says

    None of this shit was easy if it was easy it would’ve been in the microwave and boom

  5. Reiya Lockster says

    I would make both

  6. Henry Louie says

    Just an advice. Only watch Tasty when you’re eating something. ✌🏼

  7. Lily Vuong says

    Making this tonight. Got all the ingredients and now I'm just rewatching and learning the steps.
    Red potatoes, mushrooms, brocolli (I don't like asparagus), dill, 3 pieces of salmon, in total $35. But for 3 people. Very cheap and delicious. Thanks Tasty. 😊😆

  8. Muhammad Ferdiansyah says


  9. Kayla Lawz says


  10. felicia erina says

    raw is the best tho

  11. Nour Ahmad says

    being able to afford salmon in my country counts as an achievement on it's own..

  12. Jershey Gaddi says

    who cuts salmon with knife

  13. Sarah Kirkland says

    does anyone remember buzzfeed dishwasher salmon? I would make that…

  14. pete pete says

    I will only make that mashed potato recipe. don't really care for salmon, but that mash looks awesome.

  15. finn's cheekbones says

    ohh ohh yess

  16. Gourmet

  17. Phalicia Wencil says

    "gourmet" burns garlic (-_)

  18. Myra Rocha says

    I made this for dinner yesterday it was sooo good.

  19. Ultimate says

    That potato looks like an apple

  20. Jessica James says

    I'd totally make both! They look amazing!

  21. parisereck says

    Garlic everywhere, everything tastes like garlic, that's to much!

  22. khaleesi-394 says

    This is the best and most original idea of tasty yet! Way better than ramen carbonara or won-ton ravioli and I really hope this becomes a series with a lot of other dishes.

  23. Bracha says

    Which one is easy and which one is gourmet?

  24. hurp durp says

    i swear the music and the editing… literal food pron

  25. David Welsh says

    I would make them both to see which is better. They both look delicious.

  26. Brittany_ bxtch says


  27. Teresa Abbott says

    They both look amazing.

  28. DABSTER Ducky says


  29. flo wer says

    My friend once pronounced almond like how you would pronounce salmon. She says "amond" lol

  30. Roxy Wang says

    this is great thank you so much have a good weekend 😀

  31. MYRA DKS says

    Woww!!!! how dedicated this person is to cook👍👍👍👍

  32. Penny Wilson says

    0:58 you're supposed to take the bones out before you eat it lol

  33. Nor umaira says

    Emmmmm yummy 😋😳👍👌👌👍

  34. zeus.mp4 says

    Umm is salmon a steak 😂 do you cook exact same way i never saw salmon cooked in with butter and herbs

  35. Adriano Muro says

    I'd probably make the first one (or a simpler one) but I'd always want the second one hahaha

  36. DeDraconis says

    Neither for the fish. Sides were both good albeit basic but like.. you put way too much damn stuff on that fish. Salmon is super fatty, and while I love fat it doesn't need olive oil and it sure as HELL doesn't need butter. You chucked so much stuff on either that I can't imagine either of them tasting like salmon anymore, and if you don't like the taste of salmon, WHY MAKE IT?!

    Sides, definitely the former. Cleaner, easier as advertised, I imagine it tastes just as good just different. Might be missing the mushrooms from the second one, but the asparagus was almost the same, and well, the potato puree suffers from a critical flaw: you have to use a blender.

    Know what that means? It means you have to CLEAN A BLENDER. I will go to the damn ends of the earth to avoid using a damn blender. Stick blenders are OK.

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