Egg-In-Hole Layered Breakfast Bake

Egg-In-Hole Layered Breakfast Bake
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  1. Pacifico Clara says

    What kind of paper is used to line the bottom of the pan? I just used wax paper & we forgot about it when scooping it up to eat. Thanks, Bert Kreischer, for sending me to this recipe! HAHAHA…

  2. Taqi Hussain says

    The butter looks too much as cream cheese. :o)🧀

  3. Ally 62555 says

    It’s a no from me dawg

  4. Jerlin Sneha says

    Is spinach tasty's fav veggie?

  5. RyanTyanMyan says

    It is called "eggs in a nest," the egg cooked in a piece of bread.

  6. ash 707 says

    Am I the only one staring at his veins and hands ? Hess so attractive

  7. Chad Gibbs says

    So gross🤢

  8. Quotes_ life74 says


  9. Trevor Grover says

    How the fuck could anyone eat that much in the morning?

  10. T T Moore says

    This channel has a serious cheese fixation.

  11. Emily Wheeldon says

    Whenever I see these kind of recipes, part of me always wonders what happens to all of that leftover bread? Maybe another video to suggest a use for it?

  12. αυτιδm βrεαδ says

    Bitch my comment got deleted

  13. Ziggy says

    Omg, great job Tasty! That looks delish.

  14. Jalen Rose says

    The veins in his arms 😍😍

  15. Shifa Javed says

    Too much cheese and too much unhealthy u sure will get cholesterol and after that heart attack and die if this is eaten in breakfast.

  16. clynomaniac says

    seems like a play on croque monsieur

  17. BritneyJean says

    Gonna try their awsome recipes.

  18. KD 04 says

    Come on put more butter

  19. Red-Haired Shanks says

    You should really cook your eggs. Salmonella is real

  20. gooseguse says


  21. Samia Nour says

    Oh yes

  22. fumpa umpa says

    Before toad in the hole now eggs in a hole what now tasty runing out of ideas NOTE toad in a hole is a childhood English dish made with sausages and puff pastry and it's baked in the oven until golden brown it's served with any type of gravy not using frogs or toad's

  23. Nawreen Juthi says

    this looks so gross just a bunch of fucking bread and a repulsing amount of cheese, like the smallest amount of egg what an insult to breakfast

  24. Robyne Williams-heller says

    Great one for brunch

  25. collarmole says

    What a greasy way to start your day!

  26. sandra valani says

    Ummy, Ummy a new food idea for my tummy!!! Thanks for another well presented video Tasty elves!!! Happy Holidays to y'all!😄

  27. Runtykimka1 says

    Needs more cheese 😂

  28. dl says

    My mom would kill me if I wasted a good loaf of bread on this 😩

  29. Preeti Tewari says

    I thought breakfast is suppose to be healthy…

  30. Charlene Bernard says

    I think i just had a heart attack watching this video….too much everything…

  31. rikzz0r says

    This is one of the worst recipes Tasty has ever done

  32. Clarence Royandoyan says

    That is not a breakfast bake. It’s a brunch bake

  33. Rin Ker says

    Omg it looks like heaven

  34. Jasmine Washington says

    The eggs need to be thoroughly cooked

  35. пипец

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