Eggnog Custard Pie // Presented by LG USA

Eggnog Custard Pie // Presented by LG USA
Start the holiday season off right with this insanely delicious eggnog custard pie, with the help of the LG ProBake Convection Oven!

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  1. TheQueenLioness100 says

    I wish you could help me love my oven 🤔 I have the same kind only gas😏

  2. Grace Wilson says

    Why is everybody complaining about the sponsorship instead of the real atrocity– that the pie crust didnt get a preliminary bake and it wasnt filled?

  3. Mike IRL says

    Tasty is trash anymore.

  4. Miso Anime says

    Wow LG sponsor the video of uncheese pie

  5. Cibel M says

    bro who's going to count 14 tablespoons of water

  6. Derrick Jones says

    Looking tasty!

  7. RJFlute says

    Why say "14 Tablesponns of water" Why not just say "7 fl. oz" or even "water to combine"?

  8. Sophia M. says

    To all the people complaining: They're still giving you the recipe… so what if it's sponsored? This channel needs money to create more content. That's just how the system works.

  9. Tracy Wright says

    Please fill the pie shell smh…

  10. natr0n says

    I like how the pie needed a cup more filling and the final shot of it served is a proper made pie.

  11. No egg wash on the stars & pastry edges???

  12. rattle head says

    Oooohhhh LG what will you think of next?👌

  13. lachowskilover55 says

    this pie looks sad LOL

  14. David Kelleher says

    20 k viewers 👌

  15. Michelle says

    I know the star crust wouldn't be the same but shouldn't you blind bake that?

  16. Hasnae El says
  17. Fionn Barrett says

    Stop the sponsors please

  18. Rashaun Jones says

    This looks too good to be true

  19. Sa V says

    Remember when the videos were about the food instead of a product?
    Stop showing me what I can do with that oven and show me what I can do with just about any oven. It's getting old.

  20. Shesamiracle says

    I’ve never had egg nog what does it taste like?


    Yummy! Who wants to taste it now?

  22. G A says

    Y’all gonna go to hell for that one.

  23. Camille Tournie says

    It makes me crazy that "unsalted butter" exist as a term in English.. like do you really have that much trash in everything you eat that you need to have a word to precise that there's no salt in it, instead if just saying butter ??!

  24. awesomeirlable says

    Im going to have to give this video a dislike. There was no cheese or bacon

  25. meurtri says

    pre-heat oven for a whole day, of course.

  26. adam mac says

    I'm gonna need more than that micro dollop of whipped cream, but otherwise looks good!

  27. Nasneen Althaf says


  28. slimsalamander says

    I am sure this would be way better as a cheesecake lol

  29. ItAYaGiRl VeRoNiCa says


  30. eva garden says

    I give it a whirl; and loving music!

  31. PrognatusSeptem says

    @0:29 The second egg from the left on the bottom row is driving me KRAZEEEEE !!!

  32. THE boy Lucas says

    I wanna snif this trough My body

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