Everything You Know About Dating Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Dating Is Wrong
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  1. DeanRendar84 says

    is flirting a myth? i've never seen it in real life by anyone being serious. everyone looked like they were being ironic saying the cheesiest ones they knew of ironically, or they secretly knew each other already and somehow already been a couple.

  2. kara s says

    as a fangirl, a hamster is a DEFINITE deal breaker

    especially if it's name is striker

  3. Lala says

    HEY EVERYONE, I GOT DUMPED!!waits for waves of admirers

  4. Stella Sweeney says

    Everything you know is wrong! Right is left and short is long!

  5. Veronica Mendoza says

    who else died at 0:49😂😂😂

  6. Zoë S says


  7. FrostCrackle says


  8. ToxicXNature says

    Adding this to favorites, might come in handy to get some ideas for writing or something like that

  9. Aleks Name Meme says

    Ha Brendon Urie is in the thumbnail.

  10. NCY Georgios says

    1:16 THANK U!!!

  11. LadyDynamitez says

    "Men prefer dumped women", and guess why? Cause she is hurt and vulnerable and easy to manipulate and take advantage of. Because men think so too highly of themselves they think they somehow can fix her as if she isn't a complicated human being. Because men don't respect women and they don't respect a woman's need to heal from heartbreak.

  12. Saz Ashleigh says

    You'd think the pet unlikely to be a deal breaker would be a fish or something that makes no noise

  13. IlijaUnknown says

    Reason why guys are going after dumped laides is because the are easy meat,because through that period thay are vunerable,PERIOD.

  14. CC Z says

    And guys fall in love using their penises, of course it takes them less time, they don't have to really think about their feelings, they just want to get in her pants asap, get another notch in his belt of achievements. Marriage? Kids? What does that mean? Love = sex right? Much logic, very horny, wow, why can't the world just be that simple? Girl = can be used for sex unless she says no. If she says no, try again later. And you idiots wonder why marriages fail.

  15. CC Z says

    Getting dumped doesn't make you hotter, you just look like you're guard is down/more desperate so maybe you can be taken advantage of in your time of need. Don't hook up with anyone who tries to comfort you after you get dumped, he's just trying to get in your pants. For his own selfish needs. Bc he's pathetic.

  16. Arcile says

    Dating and Love are totally different things.
    Love can happen anytime and anywhere, and there are even different 'levels' of love.
    Dating is basically test driving for most people.
    Courting is the more serious form of dating where two people come together with the intent of marriage at heart.

  17. Sophia Mendola says

    HAMSTER cringes (only the phandom will understand)

  18. SunBunz says

    Bullshit. Hamsters only live as long as 4-5 years. That breaks whatever deal you spoke of.

  19. L sauce says

    Uhhh all of these facts seems false.

  20. CT1836 says

    Yeah we go for girls that have jut broken up with someone cuz we think we FINALLY have a chance at getting with someone by being there for them, otherwise a lot of us can't get a date for the life of us.

  21. garbage frijol says

    This is so stupid…
    Generalizing is never a good idea, Buzzfeed.

  22. OKOKBABY says

    lol i wish itd ake 14 dates it takes me one hour  all i learned from this si tht guys r weird affff they like girls who r dumped wtf?

  23. Elion Mahguire says

    Not true !!!!

  24. Zerosblade13 says

    i hope guinea pigs are acceptable!! i LOVE my guinea pig!!!! her name is BUBBY!!! <3

  25. Inesa Jarkova says

    "it takes # dates to fall in love"
    bruh i don't go to dates until i kinda almost fully know someone and if i already am in love with them.

  26. wasp.milk says

    It's hilarious that most of the people complaining about the statistics read them wrong

  27. John Holeman says

    That can't be true
    I fucking hate hamsters

  28. Alexander Davidge says

    in my sarcastic voice oh wow! I must have been looking at dating all wrong! I guess that's why I'm still single and not because I'm extremely antisocial. 

  29. Ryan The Waffle King says

    nope… Big dog, I LOVE YOU! hugs dog >3<

  30. ImAgine2 says

    this was beautiful

  31. hammy says

    0:36  those arms…..

  32. Sammy Lopez says

    Lol i already have a hamster XD

  33. dremily says



  34. the brink says

    or just be single.  😀

  35. uching says

    If my cat doesn' like you i am not dating you.

  36. jaytotheell says

    I fell in love with my man the second he said hi to me.

  37. jaytotheell says

    how can a hamster be a deal breaker! how silly!

  38. blackkittyfreak says

    Lol. Hamster.

  39. cloutsucka says

    Men would prefer dumped women because they are more likely to have sex sooner

  40. Anime Lev says

    This is ALL bullshit. Its called science motherf*ckers.

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