EXPERIMENT Lava VS. Everyday Objects

EXPERIMENT Lava VS. Everyday Objects
EXPERIMENT Lava VS. Everyday Objects SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Alicia Y says


  2. Cheesey Puff says

    These are the kind of things we should be doing in science 🧪

  3. Adoribilis Animations says

    The eggs are gonna pop

  4. Athena Biscarra says

    azzy you know better than that like that put the orbeez with lava in your houseand you eating a watermelon with lava

  5. Ward Alhamza says

    I love azzy ❤❤

  6. Xintong Shen says

    They are RICH!they liddery wasted a car car cost like1000000

  7. Star Midnight says

    9:49 I think the word u mean is brain! 😂😂😂 jk. I'm just kidding! The words your looking for is the ice in your water

  8. Archie Rigby-vaughan says


  9. Archie Rigby-vaughan says


  10. Adarietty Gomez says

    I think that the eggs are going to pop or explod in their faces.

  11. Keisha And Cousins says

    The one (lava) that they put on the eggs are / is not real lava it's just aluminum
    and the one that they put on the ice is real lava cause lava is thicccc
    (just my observation and opinion-no hate-)

  12. Chris Moody says

    Lava vs dry ice

  13. Kamryn G. says

    and if thet pour lava on the eggs, then the eggs will explode, because the got too hot, focus on the egg not exploding (mha reference)

  14. Kamryn G. says

    i pronounce it lava like lo vuh

  15. patricia Bejoc says

    I love your videos even thow im seik i wach your videos i soport you 1,000 prsent

  16. Zaina Quadri says

    does this look like netherack from minecraft to anyone? XD 8:40

  17. hessa almarri says

    The water melon looks like a volcano when he poured the lava in the water melon and when he cut it in half it looked like a avocado

  18. persephone TDM says


  19. Spacebubble 24 says

    “This one I’m WHEELY exited about”

  20. LuckyPotato OwO says

    Lava, short a, your saying it wrong

  21. Hilda Ruiz says

    Will it create obsidian

  22. Cool group Best group says

    Azzy is the best ever YouTuber 😍

  23. Cloudy Skies says

    We get it Azzy said ‘lava’ a lot 🙄

  24. Penny Mackaway says


  25. Lara Mustafa says

    I think the eggs will pop

  26. Esmeralda Quintero says

    Press f to pay respects

  27. Sammi Grove says

    I think the eggs will…


  28. GrimBoardypie says

    Technically it’s not lava it’s molten metal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. Kyla Peredin says


  30. Jhoooppeelover 143 says

    Hey Azzy! Did you know the MANOK NA PULA?

  31. Mariana Jordan Sophie Buckner says

    I think the eggs will break open and pop

  32. Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals says


  33. Galaxy Girl says

    I say it pronounced luh-vah not lah-vah

  34. Fox,Cat, And Wolf -Wildgals says


  35. Triston Oshell says

    Scrambled eggs

  36. Shelline Webb says

    There are going to pop

  37. jam berry says

    I think u were born on 1991?and your bday is september 23 ??? I dont think so XD

  38. Willow Wisp says

    Azzi: Who makes lava in their back yard?!?!?
    Me: umm…The King Of Random 🙂

  39. Water Angel says

    The eggs will just flop!

  40. YEYENATION says

    Bring back cooking with azzy please

  41. Carlos Ramirez says

    Lava or LUVA? Xd

  42. Nhu Tran says

    Everything went down on the haters Six a half years old

  43. Nhu Tran says

    Yeah this is awesome do you need subscribers that ring a bell scribe

  44. sandra sutton says


  45. Marina Egyptian says

    How can u MAKE LAVAL and how can u even FIND LAVA

  46. Alpha gamer says

    Azzy since 2014 people

  47. Alpha gamer says

    the eggs will die in the lava!!!!!!

  48. Audrey Smith says

    You say lAva I say lava its funny right 😏

  49. Princess MK says


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