EXTREME WEATHER GOLF BATTLE Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. Golf with friends starts off as a good natured competitive game…..that is until Sanna, Leah …

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  1. crystal tussey says

    Are you guys still 👫 today?

  2. Diana's Happiness says

    This was 2 years ago…wow

  3. Ariah Olivo says

    The thumbnail😂😆😄😊

  4. Bobby Liberator464 says

    take a deep breath, aim where you want to go, adjust the power/velocity, & finally SHOOT. just a recommendation.

  5. Bobby Liberator464 says

    you and leah are just plain hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  6. Anthony Visuals says

    play more horror games

  7. Chino Prez says

    Azzy sucks

  8. Olivia Brennan says

    Here is a tip bogey is bad part is good

  9. Jeremiah H says

    your boyfriend is lucky because now and days i need a blowjob I am 9

  10. Homestead Gaming says

    I came here cause I saw golf with friends but I can already tell that more than half these comments are done by 9 year old perverts

  11. OTP Mitico says

    The intro was cute😏😂

  12. justin tufo says

    the thumbnail though

  13. TorQueMoD says

    Bogey means you got one worse than par (par being the amount of strokes you want to finish the hole in), double bogey is twice worse, triple bogey – you get the idea. Birdie means one better than Par and Eagle is two better than par. Hole in one is pretty self explanatory. Question of the day though, what's an Albatross? That's a secret gold term.

  14. Carina G Sørensen says

    1. Love your videoes, they're well edited and you are so funny hahah. Very entertaining.
    2. You're really pretty, like naturally beautiful. LIKE look at that smiLE! and laugh haha

  15. Travis Gaudin says

    Wow. Some of these comments are very disrespectful. ._.

  16. Loose Units says

    Why does she have ss sniper wolf at the end of her videos she isn't ss sniper wolf is she

  17. Vishorne Barrington says

    does anyone else think azzy and leigha look alike

  18. Rage Elixir says

    Azzy bounce your b0obs in a video plzz =)

  19. ThatGuyAceOW says

    that happy gilmore reference xD i died

  20. Ginger Joe says

    Can you move your microphone? It blocks your beautiful cleavage!

  21. Dean says

    Azzy I like your content, but you're really pushing it lately with the clickbaits.

  22. soccer friend says

    azzy nailed it times 12
    love what you do keep it up 😀

  23. luciiano says

    almost cant hear Sanna and Lea

  24. Nawey says

    Par means that you get the ball in the hole on the amount of tries it should take, lets say its a par 4 then if you get it in on 4 you get a par. If you get one over par (in this case 5) you get a bogey and two over par is Double bogey. If you get it in the first try you get hole in one, and also it depends on what hole it is, then you get an Eagle or albatross. If you get it in on 3 tries on a par 4 you get a birdie, so one try better than par is birdie! Love you Azzy keep up the amazing work!! <3

  25. TomTM // Official says

    Do Girls Vs Boys Youtuber Challenge!!!!
    with ur friends and kwebblekop and his friends!

  26. Zirong Lee says

    minus 1 from par is birdy minus 2 eagle minus three albatross plus 1 is bogey plus two is double bogey

  27. Zirong Lee says

    par is the how many strokes for a pro expected to get in

  28. RaXkS says

    Hehehehe its so cute cuz three girls playng that and failing cutely

  29. Super DBZ says

    I'm 13 years old and I know about everything you guys are saying is that bad

  30. Gabe Baca says

    How was this sexy?

  31. Wolfex Hypers says

    azzy can u put background song like kwebbelkop cus it is so quiet… please!!!!!

  32. miha belak says

    Do lick my body challenge

  33. chilled says

    💯% not photoshopped

  34. Nathan Henry says

    Play GTA5 with Lashe, Slogoman, Jelly and Jelly's girl friend. I don't know how to spell her name

  35. carl jenkins says

    AZZY you should force Jordi to play one of the Kingdom Hearts games. They are one of the most famous franchises, tons of people hold a nostalgic connection to it, and yet a lot of gamers dont even think to make it into a gaming series on youtube. You should play it seperately too. I'd watch an episode of him play it then go straight to your channel and watch your reactions.

  36. Bryson Cook says

    Yes par is better than bogey😂

  37. YLN TRE says

    Par is better than bogey

  38. Carter Games says

    i cant hear leah or sanna

  39. HOYAH says

    I don't want to be mean but why are you copying jordi's content

  40. Dee encouraged says

    😂 so many ball and hole jokes I love it

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