Facts That'll Make You Question Bigfoot

Facts That'll Make You Question Bigfoot
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  1. BigfootBeliever99 The yeti! says

    Who saw this on buzzfeed?

  2. Simon Boros says

    I have a question : what does clobbering in the face means?

  3. arkASMR says

    those hip thrusts tho

  4. John Chakkour says

    I got creeped out by Bigfoot's face at 0:53

  5. KATanimations says

    i was honestly scared after watching this :T

  6. International Harvester says

    Alex Jones makes money off of the believers……………………….

  7. デーモンPurple says

    what if they bury or devour the remains of dead bigfoots? i mean some species do that

  8. Jess C says

    It must be pretty awkward dancing in the bigfoot outfit, though…

  9. Newbop says

    So it's illegal to go giant ape hunting in my state? God dangit.. *sets down bigfoot shooter* guess I gotta go somewhere else!

  10. Matt Br says

    Who else got kinda scared when the fact about crying could cause him to clobber you in the face? Just me?

  11. Andrea S says

    I live in florida and I have never heard anyone saying Skunk Ape..

  12. Harry B' says

    Whoaaa… Bigfoot that swags

    Like this video so much ahahba

  13. GONZOglasses says

    I live in Oregon (pacific northwest) and I have seen big foot 4 times. Turns out all of the sighting were just my hairy ass uncle.

  14. Zed Dash says

    I hope Bigfoot does exist, so crazy people can finally be right about whether something exists.

  15. Dan Femrestlingfan says

    30% believe in Bigfoot… I really hope that isn't true. I mean I can be a skeptic but I can see in theory how ghost or aliens of the like could exist. But believing a race of creature in this day and age could be roaming around the woods in multiple places and never been definitively seen… do you believe in the Easter Bunny too?

  16. JJ O says

    If bigfoot were real, a sattleite would have noticed it somewhere in the woods or something. Bigfoot is obviously a myth and people are wasting their time on the subject.

  17. lel says

    Damn.. Make Breakin' 3 with these bigfeets..

  18. iluvsmokeythecat23 says

    I'd like to see some of you that live in huge cities come up to Washington state, and spend a month at Baker Lake, on the primitive side that you have to walk 14 miles to the middle of a trail, and spend all of that time in a tent. You can't say there "Isn't a possibility" that a huge ape lives here. These forests go on for miles, with so much unexplored terrain, the forests are so thick. I personally believe they do exist, because I have had a personal experience with a mother and baby Sasquatch in this area. And, my cousins did not believe me, until, 3 a.m. one morning, they saw one on the road, as of several other cars. They were never so scared in their life. Go ahead and don't believe, it might not matter if you do or not. But I wouldn't want to stay out there again.

  19. beautybabelynn says

    this should've been a try not to laugh video. I found it purely entertaining and hilarious.

  20. nITRO911 says

    Samsquantch in Nova Scotia. 😀

  21. Sasha Wolf-Powers says

    I think they exist.

  22. Rembrandt says

    If that piece of shit at Subway gave me a stale bread who thinks he is badass, I'd make his sorry ass REDO the sandwich with fresh bread!!! I win! lolz 😛

  23. Dakota Lyn says

    So I live in Florida and this is the first time I'm ever hearing "Skunk Ape"

  24. Rembrandt Van Gogh says

    The closest thing I see when it comes to freaky appendages are Bighands from masterbaiting all day.

  25. Kousuda says

    Biggie biggie biggie.. Can't you see? Bigfoot got moves and they are sweet, he can move and he top rocks, he's so good he rocks your socks off

  26. Joseph Heckman says

    The guy in The legend of mick dodge does all these Bigfoot pranks in his newer episodes. He lives in the Olympic peninsula, which lies within the Pacific northwest 

  27. Lumynum says

    That was, by far, the most cancer-inducing track you've ever included into one of your videos. Like seriously.

  28. Ceratosaurus says

    People believe that a being that created two humans that made a population of almost 8 billion, but not a primate that migrated to North America? Insane.

  29. tianna Williams says

    "snow person forest creature" lol wut russia

  30. Gabriel Ortiz says

    my parents are dead

  31. liquidrock2u says

    So… Which of these facts will make me question Bigfoot?

  32. BellinghamsterTrail says

    Bigfoot is real. He's just an old mountain man with bad teeth. 

  33. Mary Ganser says

    Think about it. There is a non-human primate species native to almost everywhere except upper Asia, Europe, North America, and obviously Antarctica. Maybe we have one we just don't know about.

  34. Era Del Sol says

    I once had a bright ass white light during the middle of the night light up my room . Note barley any on drives down the street and it stayed they're for a minute. Pure bright white . The next day my mom said I was standing up on my bed yelling which I don't recall.

  35. Rea Fe Greenage says

    I have read that both the sightings of UFO and Bigfoot happen around the same time. This must be a reason why we haven't find any Bigfoot's body or bones. They could be aliens who travel from their planet to visit our planet.

  36. kuya says

    did anyone else stay just for the awesome dancing 'squatches

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