SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! MOST FAKE FAKEST …

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  1. lhou31081975 says
  2. Maliyah Jarrett says

    That dude mean

  3. Kiaya Greaves pritchard says

    This is Izzy


  4. uwu UWU says

    Can i tell ya somethin? So in kirkland theres a adorable old lady who………heh….is part of a scam group and shes so kind to the people who donate. I donated then later my mum told me about what it was!!

  5. Thabile Nxumalo says

    Am a boy

  6. • Creepy Gacha • says

    Don’t you think the thumbnail is a little inappropriate.. Bc I thought your channel was family friendly, since you censor curse words..

  7. Nicholas Longo says

    Me puts a wig on
    My dog: woof woof woof woof

  8. This is a girl called Azzy
    She has a YouTube channel called Azzyland
    This is a Man Called Jordy
    He’s Azzy’s Boyfriend
    He loves her very much

  9. Jocelyn Stroschein says


  10. Jocelyn Stroschein says

    I subscribed

  11. 5- Block Animations says

    Da thumbnail tho😂 xD

  12. Kim Racca says

    No "legs fakers" and "pant stealers" in AzzyLand! Nah Nah Nah

  13. loga8710 loga8710 says

    Me to I love mecfole

  14. Kevin Tyler says

    Azzy curses noe im unsubscribing

  15. I didn't know you cursed

  16. Luna Moon says

    Is that I homeless dog behind Azzy

  17. coquetaabigail2009 says

    If there was a picture of a emoji then I would show you guys and Azzy but he or she would be 50 years old like for 45 years younger

  18. coquetaabigail2009 says

    One time I went to tj and my mom, my dad and I help poor people and there is one girl that said " do you have one thing or one little pice of something." And my mom said yea sure and after 5 min we see her with more girls coming with her and I have a disney backpack and she said could I have it and we said no because it was mine and it still

  19. HURRIKADE 1 says

    Who clicked for the thumbnail

  20. Mary Colbert says


  21. devil blow up WWF # WWE says

    I saw a homeless person not that long ago

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