Falafel And Hummus In A Blender • Tasty

Falafel And Hummus In A Blender • Tasty
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  1. b1rdkeeper S says

    Middle eastern food is like crack!

  2. DxE says

    I read falafel and humans in a blender at first haha

  3. Laurence Villette says

    Hey guys, I’ve never seen hummus this reddish colour. It’s usually kind of beige colour. If I really want to make the traditional hummus, should I just take the red pepper out ? Thx

  4. Katia Dirany says

    This is not how you make falafel and that dill mix is not correctly made,trust me I'm Arab and I'll know

  5. M C says


  6. Osman Alyanak says

    Again again again… Yogurt not Greek. yogurt is made by Turkish. Are u not understanding?

  7. John Parimango says

    That falafel didn’t look right inside.. you sure this is okay Tasty??

  8. Ahmad Khalil says

    مين عربي

  9. Raneem Medhat says


  10. Nicholas Christian says

    Sexy hands lol

  11. CDOSRUN says

    you blended the hell out of that falafel lol

  12. CookieFeel 쿠키필 says

    Sweet video❤️❤️❤️💋💋

  13. Shelby Herrmann says

    You can use chickpea flour so it’s gluten free 😊

  14. Rachel L says

    I read this title: Falafel in Human Blender…

  15. jason4275 says

    I have never tried it in my life, but when I do decide to make it, I would rather cook the Falafel on a grill, than soaked in oil, has anyone ever tried cooking it on a grill, like wrap it into a ball inside non stick heavy duty aluminum foil?

  16. lebana says

    People talking about this not being authentic…I get it, but I'll take what I can get because there's nowhere I can get this in my tiny middle-of-nowhere town

  17. Troy M says

    Stop wasting your time! Just say "Fluffel"

  18. gizmotion gaming says

    Me and my gf are for sure going to try these

  19. Max Leong says

    Hahaha going to make falafel now and I notice tasty post on this 😊

  20. Angel5999 says

    Who’s been a fan before 2020 ❤️❤️


    Gifting my next 10 subscribers❤️❤️

  21. Haim Arbil says

    Yea thats not a falafel tho 🤣😆

  22. Football HD says

    thats not how you make hummos and falafel because am from syria and the food you mande is syrian

  23. ftaooomy says

    For the falafel You should grind all the ingredients with meat grinder 🥰

  24. DoNtDmMe FoOl says

    If someone says Israeli food I will literally raid their house and kill them.

  25. Csenge Kollárszky says

    This is not how you do those. At least do some reshearch.

  26. catman72 says

    making falafel with cooked chickpeas is a bad idea. its like making a burger with pre-cooked meat. chickpeas should be soaked and ground, not cooked.

  27. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    So delicious

  28. Lezlee Lopez says

    I would love to see you guys work with an air fryer. I love mine

  29. Yaroslav Czykalovsky says

    the person that made this video should be embarrassed!

  30. Yaroslav Czykalovsky says

    who is the hell makes falafel with all purpose flour and grinds it down like that……PITIFUL!

  31. Kevin Zhu says

    Falafel is underrated asf

  32. Steve Logan says

    They looked good

  33. Nisa Mücahit says

    Yoğurt yunanların değil türklerindir👍🏻

  34. Jacqu3s says

    Who's Coptic Egyptian

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