Fall Cocktails Around The World • Tasty

Fall Cocktails Around The World • Tasty
4 Cocktails from around the world: Brazil, Korea, France, and Mexico. Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. RandomSuperFan says

    Rie must be so happy

  2. Ana Elisa Alexandre says

    I was wondering where this drink is consumed in Brazil, when we don't even have a fall defined as in the northern hemisphere…

  3. Haley Faragalli says

    Sign me up

  4. SCARlet_DRaKox13 says

    Bruh have you ever tried a normal cocktail fruit mix? ._.

  5. 부 잘 says

    ??? im Korean but i havent ever drink that lemongrass blabla soju.. Koreans usually mix soju with strawberry or lemon or sth not lemongrass!

  6. Sophie Toon says


  7. Veneno A says

    우리 한국인도 처음보는 칵테일입니다;; 하하

  8. Jamie .n says

    Indian desi pauwa 😂

  9. Joseph says

    Ugly ✋ with ugly ropes.

  10. FAFA김 says

    세계 레시피를 전부 아시는거같음👍

  11. Jobara's Kitchen says

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  12. GihanFineArts - Abstract ART says

    Who’s been a LOYAL fan of Tasty before 2019?!

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  13. kate 717 says

    OMG why lemongrass is included in Korean style cocktail! LEMONGRASS IS NOT USED IN KOREAN CUISINE! And it would be better if they added preserved fruit of schisandra chinensis which is called 오미자(omija) in sugar than pomegranate cuz it's more Korean ingredient! Also I think if u use pine nuts which we use for garnish for Korean traditional tea it would look more Korean!

  14. 아이스 says

    I'm Korean, but I've never seen this Korean drink before.

  15. Cooking with passion says


  16. Edits- says

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  17. Christian Psalms says

    Fall cocktails 21 days away from Winter…

  18. Aleesa Barker says

    For those who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol, can you do some great mocktails? Thanks!

  19. It ain’t fall anymore (where I live)

  20. Amirtha samayal says

    Nice dear

  21. Kara Cox says

    Lol .. something is conspicuously missing!

  22. John Doe says

    Awe man, what ever happened to just straight beer, jack and cigar's?

  23. Cocktails & Consoles says

    Who serves a cocktail on the rocks in a martini glass??

    At least chill the glass first

  24. Cooking with Sonny says

    Refreshing drinks here! Lemongrass simple syrup sounds great 👍

  25. Henry Bascombe says

    These are more summer

  26. Cheska Marie says

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  27. Nissi ASMR says

    Gin + Sprite + Grape Juice is so good!

  28. Monika Kaprysek says

    Lemon grass 6 hours ?

  29. Drew Drabik says

    Neat, aside from the liquor from each place I have never heard of. Kinda takes the ability to recreate away

  30. Dearka Elsman says


  31. JustRoseM says

    Wow! I like this… so easy and simple to try

  32. Harriet in the kitchen says


  33. Ishan Ali says

    They look delicious

  34. سعاد مصطفى says

    Very good nice food

  35. Headhotdog says

    Just watching this gives me terrible heartburn 😔.

  36. Md Karim says

    First dislike

  37. Bill Tang says

    Looks good.

  38. fati & khadija Tv says

    Love you 👍👍

  39. Cook with Sha says

    Super creative content 👉👉👉come

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