Family-Friendly Weeknight Lasagna Dinner • Tasty

Family-Friendly Weeknight Lasagna Dinner • Tasty
Keep the family happy and healthy with this weeknight lasagna dishes that everyone will love! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. risa dolce says

    My local Italian consulate will be receiving a call regarding the horrific crime I just witnessed.

  2. Jacob Dantes says

    Hey im Tasty its simple to know me 90% of my recipe has cheese coz cheese is nice.. 🤗🤗

  3. louis kronfeld says


  4. n030992 says

    holy shit even the salad looks like it'll have atleast 400 calories. What is wrong with you americans…

  5. Cook with Sha says

    New one uploaded

  6. Skelly Crown says

    Song plz??

  7. AQUA LOA says

    So perfect. 😋😌

  8. LeAny says

    Loooove Lasagna 💖🤗🙋‍♀️😘

  9. ABBγ M says

    Coppa has joined the chat

  10. woofpoof Dooley says

    Yes wonderful recipe! I think you forgot about the little sibling who removes everything green insight… lol

  11. What Is Theis? says


  12. Just A Huffleclaw says

    Somebody go find Garfield, they combined pizza and lasagna

  13. Chantelle Culbreth says

    A pizza cutter works to cut the bread

  14. _xroyaleturtle101 _ says

    What so bad about lasagna to put family friendly in the title

  15. ✨Suri✨ says

    Why oh why did I watched this, now I’m starving 😍😂

  16. EternalAtake 16 says

    calories per serving: 200 trillion
    my arteries after they clogged from all that fat: aight imma head out

  17. Cylis says

    Can’t believe pewdiepie commented on my Exhausted video I’m literally shaking

  18. mabeliita says

    It's a no for me dwag…

  19. GD Chris says

    You should make a giant taco

  20. Aox Tube says

    STOOOOOP with your lasagna recipes lol you have been FAILING every single one of them pls STOPPPP! 😅

  21. Mom of Two Kids says


  22. Sidi Kalemaj says subscribe food home made 😍😍😍😍

  23. Unknown 123 says

    Petition for tasty to use Metallica songs in vids like this

  24. Kia Dee says

    That little handshake 🤝 at the end was everything

  25. David Richards says

    0:21 misspelled Avocado.

  26. Emily Nunns says

    At this point Tasty is just fucking with everyone right? This is how many lasagna recipes in a row now? Each one invoking the wrath of the Italians in the comment section 🤣🤣🤣

  27. begonia gonzález says

    the tittle implies there’s lasagna that’s not family friendly

  28. Nicole Meisner says

    No. Simply no. Bell peppers doesn’t belong in a lasagna. Nor does pepperoni.

  29. Kelly Ojeda says

    Since when aren't lasagnas family friendly..?

  30. AJ Guins says

    How is lasagna not family friendly

  31. Arden Goldrick says

    hey quick question is this a pizza or a lasagna make up your mind

  32. Spongeycraft says

    Who puts bell pepper in lasagna

  33. Kiki Bae says

    Okay but I know that the person making garlic bread is Alvin.

  34. Toolkit SeventyOne says

    That is not a end of day fast friendly nightime worknight supper. If it stopped at the first layer and just had the noodles then added them to the bread as a topper, that would have been excellent, but all the different layers and prep/cook time makes it something that most families wouldn't make when they get home from work for supper. That would be something for a Sat or Sun night if that.

  35. Typhani Adams says

    Omg this looks too good. I wish I could put my hands through the screen and grab it and eat it. Haha. Mm Yum 😋

  36. Jmg123 says

    That lasagna is tragic

  37. ThirtyfourEC says

    Shoutouts to Hey Arnold

  38. Pretty Princess says

    I'm this early here so I'm gonna comment lol…. the recipes very interesting think I may try 1 or 2…:)

  39. yummy! This actually looks pretty good 🙂

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