Far Cry Primal Lets Play: Azzy Slayer of Mammoths

Far Cry Primal Lets Play: Azzy Slayer of Mammoths
Far Cry Primal Lets Play! ✌(◕‿-)✌ CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: http://instagram.com/azzyland Twitter: https://twitter.com/azzyland Facebook: …

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  1. Laura Vela says

    I love your vidos

  2. Kaitlyn Neumann says


  3. Tarballo says

    I subscribed I love your videos

  4. Banana Alien says

    I like your shirt because I like the periodic table

  5. Amal saadi says

    The tiger from ice ages name is Diego

  6. Vickie Wright says

    I played this game

  7. iitz WayyAlla says

    Just rOcKiNg oUt

  8. Melissa Jones says


  9. Расул Аджиев says

    Где можно скачать скажите плис

  10. Amanda Wilson says

    Please play far cry 5

  11. teddy playz 1345 says

    His name is Diego

  12. Elijah Luna says


  13. Kyle Adkins says

    More I Love the far cry series!!

  14. Blake Porterfield says

    Far cry is my live

  15. Logan Eckhart says

    Hi azzy

  16. mmabeth Harrison says

    Go azy plz

  17. teo simteo says

    Azzy my name is George

  18. Atica Rawoot says

    Hey azzy I like it when you play survival games like that one were you are on about to survive

  19. Samantha Carbaugh says

    Do a part 2🙏🙏

  20. Kade Fleming says


  21. Kade Fleming says


  22. Rushil Chopra says

    You should have played more

  23. Nora Bracken says

    Plz play a game called serum azzy!

  24. Logan Henderson says

    Would u starve to death or eat a mammoth

  25. Shae REDPATH says

    The saber tooth tigers name is diago

  26. Chris Lindsay says

    I have Far cry new Don

  27. Sadie goodman says

    I love your videos Azzylands!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Sis vs bro says

    What is the meaning of BCE

  29. Drevan Coleman says


  30. gert nieuwoudt says

    My brother like to play this on his friends xbox one but I play call of duty or fifa 18 even if I am 10 and a girl who likes shooting and survival games

  31. Jake Scott says

    When I played this, my little brother, Sheldon said the tiger at the beginning was a "cute Kitty cat" he wants as a pet.

  32. Melissa Pittman says

    They are elephants but they're just bigger size

  33. Mark joe De guzman says

    I have far cry to i have a ps4

  34. Steve Chavez says

    this is my forvite game

  35. k B Singj says

    I need to say.
    I play better than u😊

  36. Justine Dolan says

    It was not a friend ship bracelet it was a bond to his tribe

  37. azzyland I love your videos and also the tiger's name is Diego from ice age please make more so I could subscribe to all of them 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Jim Jindrich says

    i think mamaths are cute too😁🐕🐇🐐🐶🐰🐺🐩🐓🐃🐈🐔🐂🐱🐣🐄🐀🐤🐮🐁🐥🐴🐭🐦🐗🐹🐏🐖🐢🐑🐷🐽🐯🐙🐸🐻🐚🐍🐫🐬🐼🐪🐌🐧🐊🐛🐘🐳🐜🐨🐋🐝🐒🐟🐞🐵🐠🐲🐆🐡🐉🐾

  39. EXCUSE ME you cant end it there i mean that was only the intro well ok then… do the intro then the game nice

  40. Arizona Phoenix says

    AZZY. when he sead hi he ment move

  41. Sandie Francis says


  42. •Itz_Ayaplayz• ;-; says

    Its sooooo sad in the start 🙁

  43. Abolfazl Gholami says

    More more more Azzy, i'm liking your VIDEOS!!

  44. TheoLOLxD says

    i was just watching ur reaction vids on my phone when i searched my computer far cry primal didint know you played my fav sigle player game

  45. Dude Bliss says

    I have that game I have all the beast

  46. Phillip Vo says

    Rip dude who died from baby mammoth

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