Fashion Stylist Guesses Real Vs. Fake Designer Shoes

Fashion Stylist Guesses Real Vs. Fake Designer Shoes
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  1. Kérancia Nice says

    I thought they knew if they’re shoes were real or not

  2. nunga cynderilla says

    My strategy bout life : buy and invest in a few authentic designer pieces and use it for life, till I need to buy another one..

  3. Yen Bui says

    So hard to distinguish sometimes…

  4. Lisa Melroy says

    Every year, I take part of my tax refund and go to Saks to buy myself a pair of designer shoes. It's my splurge on myself, and I think I deserve it! With one exception, the quality of every pair I've purchased has been excellent. In fact, I bought a pair of Louboutin espadrilles 15 years ago for $250 and I still wear them every summer. They need to be resoled, but otherwise they look great!

  5. Madison Equestrian says

    I love these designer vs. fake videos 😍😍😍😍

  6. gmofoe says

    I would never spend $600 on shoes either but that’s only cus I take care of my money and try not to get in debt.

  7. Neels Beltran says

    What the heck unfair

  8. kassy lloyd says

    The Manolo blahnik pumps are stamped as fake but at the end she says they’re real

  9. underscoreavocado says

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  10. Samantha says

    the final score is 2/4 not 3/4 😊

  11. Julia Bedard says

    There is no Neiman Marcus in Providence 🐸☕️

  12. Diogo Santo says

    My shoes have a stamp of authenticity.
    Normally they have the stamp next to the size
    So yeah, shoes do have stamps…

  13. JLEE6825 says

    Hé touched all those shoes and kept touching his face. I can’t.

  14. Beti A. says

    His grade is fake…

  15. Alicia Tanksley says

    Why would ANYONE ever re-sole a shoe if it wasn’t real. Like if it was a dupe just buy the dupe again. When he said “yea they look like they’ve been re-soled” and she said “yea” I sat there going “OF COURSE THEY ARE REAL!” Lol

  16. lindsay lohan says

    change the title to “Fashion Stylist Trashes People’s Shoes For Ten Minutes and Twenty-Four Seconds Straight”

  17. WreckItAudrey says

    Buzzfeed needs to stop reusing sets omfg…… originality has left the chat

  18. Rose Netherton says

    I knew she was telling the truth about the Manolos based on her facial expressions when she talked about them.

  19. G C says

    This would have been better without the people and the stories – instead it would have been a true inspection.

  20. Cameron Jones says

    Did this man just sit here and say $220 is CHEAP???

  21. Caryn Mcinerney says

    Omg I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with Caryn spelt the same as me

  22. MnMn Bahr. says

    The Valentino are so fake

  23. heba Youssef says

    I thought she said the Manolo Pumps were real, but they wrote it out as fake 6:50, 9:29. If so, he got them all right.

  24. heba Youssef says

    No wait, he got them all right.

  25. Hajer Faleh Alsubaie says

    220$ is not cheap lol 💔🙂

  26. ILovePEPSI says

    Who TF cares🙄

  27. Suzy Marie-Fleur says

    wow, i mean rip them apart i guess

  28. Alexis Parlberg says

    Idk I feel like this is just a video of a “stylist” hating on other people’s shoe chooses 😒

  29. Max Gaddis says

    Wow I paid $80 for boots and felt horrible but I feel better knowing people are paying $600 for heels lolll

  30. j Roc says

    He's adorable

  31. Stephanie Germain says

    I thought one shoe was going to be real and one was going to be fake. That would’ve been interesting

  32. jasayehan says

    I believe Essence, she's just like me. Buy expensive to last.

  33. Ailin Ell says

    I love the first guy! He seems happy and chill al the time. ✊🏻

  34. serenityq26 says

    He is hot. That thumbnail didn't do him justice

  35. Snowy Wolfgirl says

    I couldn't spend that much on a pair of shoes and feel good about it.

  36. Mimi says

    First guy – roasted to the core ☄️☄️
    Second guy- a light roast ♨️
    Third girl- medium roast🔥
    Fourth girl – 🤗

  37. Stephanie A says

    This stylist is horrible.

  38. Tiffany says

    There’s no neiman Marcus in Providence and never has been one 😂😂😂😂

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