Fashion Stylist Guesses The Cost Of Shoes

Fashion Stylist Guesses The Cost Of Shoes
Can this fashion stylist guess the cost of these designer shoes? Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …

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  1. Rosalinda Castillo says

    Surprisingly I did not hate the Male stylist this time around, he's growing on me🤔

  2. Joy Owens says

    Why were the scored out of four when you showed like six pairs of shoes??? Am I crazy?

  3. Rcj. Queenie says

    Just because it's $100+ doesn't mean it wasn't made cheaply

  4. K P says

    Im far too tall for heels 😂

  5. Serge St jean says


  6. ehla 01 says

    That means I can get away with my Aliexpress dupes😁😃😂

  7. Nolly Polly says

    "It's trying too hard"

  8. Kiala Grunden says

    She has beautiful skin!

  9. octayvia25 says

    I have a pair of knee high black boots just like those….that were about 45 bucks🤗

  10. krazy Katlady says

    I actually like the green Mary Janes

  11. karakol86 says

    This video tells me that people will buy anything, make anything, and that we are again a completely wasteful society

  12. Katie Chambers says

    If I’m spending more than 50-60 bucks on shoes they better be very distinctly a certain brand or have a logo or something cuz otherwise you can’t tell they’re expensive so you might as well buy some cheap versions. My more expensive shoes are a few pairs of uggs, adidas superstars, and a pair of Birkenstock’s. All of them easily identifiable.

  13. Queenb2001 says

    Now I have to go re examine my stuart weitzman boots to see what they are actually made of.

  14. Grab says

    idk man but it should be pretty obvious to the fashion designer thhe difference between the luxury and the non luxury shoes. kinda weird that she seemed like she had no idea how to tell if something is good quality or not.

  15. Kelsey Williams says

    You all blurred the shoes in that initial clip to not spoil the cost for those who wanted to guess later in the video, but my first thought was that it was two dildoes

  16. Jess Lim says

    No offense… but some of those shoes are iconic staples! How would these fashion stylists not know?!!! Haha 🤣

  17. Ella Belle says

    I like the green shoes

  18. Gacha Angel says


  19. Key.Choong says

    Imagine spraining your ankle with the shoes in the thumbnail…😖

  20. Monu Daughter says

    Damn… they are smelling those shoes…like who goes in a shop, sees a pair and starts smelling them…lmao

  21. Sayeed Khan says

    Show nude structure it's boobs n voor mathematics

  22. Nicole Meneses says

    Does quality mean anything anymore? Lol I say no too, people care about the brand, and being able to say they paid hundreds of dollars, not the quality

  23. Lara 321 says

    I got 2 right just by lookong at them 😅

  24. Lucas Productions says

    Yves Saint Laurent

  25. Hamida Abdul says

    I’m yelling at Pechuga calling out Stuart Weitzman

  26. juniper quaintrelle says

    The rude stylist is destroying those platform shoes… you dont yank a zipper like that. And the rest I'd be freaking out if those were my expensive shoes

  27. Mariya Awad El Kreem says


  28. Exotic Cats says

    When even professionals can’t completely tell how much something is..

  29. ASK Minnie Mew says

    Those platform boots remind me of the Bratz dolls. I love those thigh high boots, but that price… Aww nawh. 😭😂

  30. Jassani Pickens says

    I love that their willing to say something isn't worth the price they're charging

  31. Veronica Peterka says

    They don't vibe, the hostility and competitiveness jheeez

  32. Awakened Spirit says

    Love her traditional name.

  33. Slim-X-Shady's Cousin says

    2:10 just to show guys what 7 inches looks like

  34. Lareine Barakat says

    65$ CHEAP?!

  35. Chàrëd says


  36. Kaylee Anne says

    Those shoes on the thumb nail tho

  37. Cierra Alexander says

    I love this duo's energy honestly😂

  38. ZenzoSezSo says

    Oh gosh, him again…

  39. Suzy Marie-Fleur says

    Love this guy

  40. ItzMia says


  41. Loony Lovegood says

    that reassures me that even professional stylists no longer recognize what is really expensive and what is not😅

  42. Pastel Kittens says

    Omg only 6 comments?!

  43. SlytherinLife says

    Heyyyy! ily all sm!!!💕💕💕

  44. mqaroon says

    i'd die to be on this channel lmao

  45. Beremuda Triangle says

    Ngozina is so pretty ❤❤

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