Fashion Stylists Guess the Cost of Party Dresses

Fashion Stylists Guess the Cost of Party Dresses
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  1. Marcus Scott Balahari says

    That designer is a complete and utter gay mess of a man. Pretentious, rude, and head in the clouds.

  2. Ruth Watson says

    Lol when 50 bucks is considered cheap… no honey, that’s expensive to me

  3. Miyankochan says

    clothes are not necessarily expensive because they are "cuuuute", this is not how it works and why would you not look at the dresses from up close?

  4. Nanashi Nemo says

    I'm not surprised by the price of the pink silk one, silk by the yard is expensive and people like hiking the price up even more when they make stuff out of it.

  5. Moon Light says

    The number of times they say cheap 🤦

  6. Nujhat Nabeela says

    They need to get rid of the guy who keeps saying ew

  7. me.the.person says

    My reaction: 😮😶
    That's so mean

  8. Madeline Juarez says

    Defintely DONT want to see him on more buzzfeed videos

  9. Elewyiss SCA says

    Johnny needs to style Devon. They are gonna so clash.

  10. Hailey Rafferty says

    How can you be so arrogant??

  11. Hunter Mclean says

    I loved this

  12. •Asriel Cats• says

    9:05 I’m sorry but..That dress looks kind of tacky…

  13. Ivy Nida says

    I don’t understand the comments about the male stylist here. Ease up!!

  14. Kate Malone says

    "What's metallic?!?" The boning, bonehead… 🤣🤣🤣

  15. crocker4481 says

    Wow! This guy is such a jerk!

  16. PaintandFreckles says

    I guessed all of them correctly if they were expensive or cheap. My years of clearance shopping has paid off. 😂

  17. Swede Bee says

    This dude gives me bad vibes

  18. shiifu says

    the dude is so insensitive with all his "ews"

  19. boredcarmen says

    I don't know… I don't know… I know know… 5:31

  20. boredcarmen says

    I dont know… i dont know… i dont know 11:32

  21. maria isabel Vega says

    Imagine the people who actually own those pieces watching this 😭

  22. Maria Hinojoza says

    Pretty dtesses but espensive

  23. msfatbooty06 says

    My dude is shady boots lol😂😂

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