Fast Breakfast In A Mug 4 Ways

Fast Breakfast In A Mug 4 Ways
Customize & buy the Tasty Cookbook here: Here is what you’ll need! Fast Breakfast In A Mug 4 Ways BACON AND CHEESE Servings: 1 …

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  1. Walter Klasen says

    0:52 this one is sooo good! 😁

  2. 1vinnu says

    I tried all the 4 types microwave breakfast & all the 4 times i was left with eggliquid in bottom of mug. when i add more time to the microwave, the break becomes very dry & hard to chew. i dont know where did i go wrong… Wrong mug or Wrong cook time or what…

  3. Varil Lara says

    Weird but okay

  4. Madison Kline says

    Just saying , don’t try the blueberries one , you end up with soggy bread and cinnamon flavored egg at the bottom. 0 ⭐️s

  5. kusumalaras ayu says

    I love the background music

  6. shahub5 says

    I made the blueberry French toast and it tastes DISGUSTING

  7. Nunky Stas says

    I tried the last sweet one and its surprisingly good

  8. Cazzy B says

    It is really easy to make all of these one a stovetop or even in an oven. Idk why it needs to be in a mug?

  9. Shania BHALLA says

    Soooo good keep doing what you do 😍😍😍😍😍

  10. Gracie Shales says

    If you go off of the egg reference part and customize everything else, it's not bad

  11. Tess Holtmeulen says

    Soggy bread still taste like bread it’s just that it is soggy. I tried the first idea and it was delicious

  12. Penguino says

    So here is why the French toast can’t work. (I tried it)
    -The bread acts like it’s been toast meaning it is hard and stiff.
    -The egg will not be absorbed and be cooked separately at the bottom.
    -the bread chunks are not fully French toasted (idk xD) and taste half like regular bread and half like French toast.
    -the egg separately cooked will keep all the bread chunks stuck together.

    Please learn from my mistakes and remember it most likely will not ever come out perfect.

  13. Betty Johnson says

    One thing I would add for the blueberry French toast is to add sugar in the egg mixture. I just tried it and without sugar it just tasted like warm eggs

  14. Elecktrolyte says

    I tried making the chocolate chip one… It looked and tasted disgusting… The bread was soggy and I felt like the egg didn't even cook…

  15. Hawk Light says

    i tried the bacon and cheese, and its alright, not the best thing if tasted or smelled but its alright

  16. Kristina Woof says

    Everyone's commenting on how nasty these look. Just wait until you're a broke collage student who doesn't have the luxury of a stove in a cramped dorm room. These are quick and easy fixes not gourmet home cooked meals!

  17. Sophie Lehn says

    I tried the French toast
    I was hoping it wouldn't curdle, but it curdled like a mother f*cker it stuck together oddly and it was gross……

  18. Zed :P says

    Why does the bread look dry Wtff

  19. Shrangos says

    OH HO NO!

  20. Madi Bootsman says

    I tried the banana one and my bananas turned yellow and sloppy

  21. Emily wellman says

    I honestly liked the Egg one. But I took my own spin on it, and its much better

  22. Hi I'm Saturn says


  23. Sristi Datta Chaudhuri says

    I love the background music.

  24. babe says

    still wondering why you’re eating breakfast in a mug tho

  25. Who's bothered?

  26. Meozy says

    is allergic to bananas
    Gets sick
    Lol worth it

  27. stan girl groups says

    to quote thorgy thor: jesus. gross

  28. Lac says

    I'd never add bread with those and make a sweet meal/dessert out of it.

  29. Chris Finley says

    4 easy breakfasts in a mug um actually 4 easy ways to drench eggs over bread microwave it and call it breakfast

  30. s w e e t x c o t t o n says

    delicious and easy ingredients

  31. Maia Delcid says

    Watching this literally after I just made breakfast 🙄

  32. Diego Mogollon says

    i would love to see how the eggs looks in the bottom of that mug…

  33. 2vid Wynd says

    Puts cereal and milk in a mug

  34. gay potato says

    I did the first one and before I took a bite out of it, I dug into the bottom and I instantly tossed it out and ate bread and butter instead.

  35. Qurdah says

    I made scrambled toast on accident fuck

  36. Vinu's creations videos says

    I like 4 one😍😍😍

  37. just made the blueberry one, try adding some milk like regular French toast because mine was pretty stiff

  38. Sassy Bunch says

    I tried the blueberry French toast one and tasted like egg and bread yuck!😝I even tried adding more cinnamon but it didn’t do anything.nyou dissapointed me tasty

  39. H Feeda says

    I'm hungry

  40. Martie says

    I can't eat so I'm watching these so at least my eyes can eat.

  41. sydney kwon vlogs says

    I would eat the first 2…

    I’m not a “sweet breakfast” person.

  42. Zian Waheed says

    Nah it's easier, tastier and more time saving making my cereals

  43. Sofia Di Gennaro says

    Fast bread-fast in a mug

    kill me

  44. Otto mottomo says


  45. Chad Lawhorn says

    Breakfast bread pudding????

  46. Nazarena Hinojosa says

    I don't like when they put fruit in the cup and then It's taken into the micro. I think fruit lose its benefits if It recieve hot

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