Favorite Tech of the Year Rewind Collab!

Favorite Tech of the Year Rewind Collab!
Favorite tech of the year from some of my favorite creators! Creators: Dave2D: http://youtube.com/Dave2D Zach: http://youtube.com/JerryRigEverything Mark: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Suresh Joshi says

    Feeling sad, that MB getting old

  2. Ayushman Singh says

    I thought i would hear..
    "Scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7" on that laZer 😄

  3. BMXmagic8 says

    Ah, that’s hot

  4. Utkarsh Verma says

    I was waiting to see Technical Guruji! ☹️

  5. The Geek says

    Mr Beast That was NOT FUNNY

  6. Guest 2 says

    Ahh thats hot!

  7. Amin Jamal says

    Unbox therapy?

  8. Xhemal Eli Vata says

    Lew Later is missing here

  9. Abhiram 947 says

    Where's Justine?

  10. Dacian Kolkhuis Tanke says

    so cool that the oculus quest was on the list. Oculus quest gang

  11. samaak ahmed says

    Mkbhd is so much obsessed to Elon Musk's tesla😂😂

  12. Joey Smetsers says

    JerryRigEverything here trying also to kill a camera sensor with his laser 🌚

  13. slotermeer20 says

    You guys aren’t creators. You review stuff.

  14. Ayushman Singh says

    Was finding Guruji (Technical GURUJI)
    but ok..
    I loved the fact that when everyone were choosing PHONES and LAPTOPS , Jerry and Linus had their own respectable thoughts🔥
    Both of u plz don't change !

  15. Gweilo says

    Whenever a "tech youtuber" says they like an apple product, they instantly lose any clout they might have had.

  16. kekura100 says

    Where is technical Guruji, where is luu from the unbox theory

  17. Morten Helmert says

    This is a great video concept. Bringing creators together. Shouting out a lot of tech by almost all of our favourite tech YouTubers. Great job Marques!

  18. Kyei Justice says

    I actually enjoyed this video

  19. Kyei Justice says

    I actually enjoyed this video

  20. Kyei Justice says

    I actually enjoyed this video

  21. Jawad Elmokhliss says


  22. Luka Krstić says

    You need Flossy in this video

  23. Ben Swan says

    How did Mr Beast end up in this video? 😂

  24. The iOS Photographer says

    Casey: folding phone
    Me: is it though??

  25. Nikola Prolić says

    Shoutout to everyone who was original enough not to pick the newest iPhone or the foldable Samsung

  26. Christian Playz says

    I love the intro

  27. Blind ASMR says

    Everyone: phones and laptops
    Dave: look at my fucking flamethrower guys

  28. Namer Hurr says

    I know it's stupid but when you see the context, wouldn't you love to show this to a person from 100 years ago?
    "yea we have this things called smartphones, TV's and laptops and you can access videos, where you can watch people do things and talk about things"
    "ahhh, that's weird"
    "also you can access all humanity's acummulation of knowledge from them"
    "and the biggest tech influencer is a black man"

    It would be so satisfying breaking so much squemes.

  29. Carlos Leger says

    What’s the count per device?

  30. Alberto Zanardo says

    Seriously, a laser tape. Don't you know that that thing came out like a gazillion years ago

  31. Pratap Sagar Puspalal Nepal says

    Favorite tech youtuber of the year MKBHD

  32. Shubham Nath says

    Who Miss Unbox Therapy Here ?

  33. Koushik Das says

    Unbox Therapy?

  34. AeBi says

    7:07 instantly subscribed to the guy's channel.

  35. Piyush Palawat says

    Where's Jon?

  36. Nima Bahrami says

    where is TLD?

  37. Brad Marinov says

    Where's @everythingapplepro ?

  38. Nevermind EZ says

    dave 2d just threw his mac like a piece of junk

  39. GRAVITY says

    Only one I missed was Justin Tse 😛

  40. Hojat Rajabi says

    Where the hell is Lew?

  41. Amol Gupta says

    anyone misiing unbox therapy ??

  42. Sinisa Culic says

    HIOLY shieet… this is not rewind this is a most payed me so i can earn coop…

  43. Hassan Bazzi says

    @ijustine isn’t in this such a bummer

  44. Shashwat Varma says

    Dave: Throws macbook
    Me: Whattttttt

  45. Ahmed Anka says

    Where is unbox therapy???

  46. Illuminate The Dark says

    Yay! Dieter Bohn is here! Now please get him on the podcast…

  47. BuzzedAldrin says

    Hmm, nobody said Raycon wireless earbuds? I guess they aren't the best quality wireless earbuds after all.

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