Film Photography Explained To Modern Kids

Film Photography Explained To Modern Kids
The past was not that long ago. Share on Facebook: Share on Twitter: Music: “Robi – Street Memoirs” by Robi” …

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  1. jccjccjoanne says

    I learnt nothing about film photography in this video.

  2. Sean Zappulla says

    Film has came back and it’s popular again.

  3. Ross purdy 11 says

    so true

  4. Jules Winnfield says

    This video is beautiful. 😢

  5. Nathan Freundl says

    why ur voice sound like kermit inhaled some helium, just don't speak so deep

  6. scientistsparksfaces says


  7. Kynslie B says

    this breaks an warms my heart all at once

  8. Lily Besford says

    i have a more modern polaroid

  9. Olek Mendoza says

    I exposed my film to light what happen

  10. oz1902 says

    Great video and so, so true. I still have my first camera, a Praktica LB, from way back in 1973. It sits on a shelf in my room looking kind of obsolete and forgotten. Sad.

  11. Samnit singh says

    that mono log made me cry

  12. LMvIEW cAST says

    my mom just taught me how to really use one

  13. Gianpaolo Parodi says


  14. TheRedArrowExpress says

    Most everyone I know that does film photograpahy is young.

  15. sw toni says

    like gizmo xD

  16. ThunderCatsAreGo01 says

    those photos at the end were golden! warms my heart

  17. Teodora Scortan says

    I was born in 2003 and I got into photography about a year ago. I have a digital camera but one day I was on a hunt for some vintage cameras to use as room decor. After I bought one I stumbled across a leather case. After a bought it I opened it and I found my little treasure. An agfa isoly junior camera. After about two months of looking for film I finally found a type of film and it has such a special feeling to it. With digital cameras you don't think about too much. You're like eh,this would look good in a photo and take a couple of shots or more,because you can. But film is more expensive and it's limited. Before pressing the shutter you stop amd think. Would this be worth a frame? And that's what I love about film

  18. Miri S says

    I take photography class and we use black and white film, developing our own pictures in the school darkroom. Nothing more exciting than finally seeing what you took pictures of anf being able to print as many as you want for friends. There's something beautiful about the graininess, the shades of black white and grey. I stopped taking so many selfies and pictures and take more that matter now. I recommend film photography to everyone, the more manual the more fun. 🙂

  19. Shea Gaier says

    i remember when everyone had film cameras

  20. Jazmin Jay says

    why did I cry? its odd
    It made me nostalgic

  21. jkoepis says

    I think this might be something similar that happened with vacuum tube amplifiers. As a guitarist I would only ever want a tube amp for its organic sound, and I also love shooting film because of it's organic look. Back in the day when transistor amps were starting to hit the market you could get old tube amps for crazy low money, because everyone thought they would become obsolete and replacement tubes would disappear. That certainly is not the case, even with the digital emulations are getting quite good. Sounds quite familiar, doesn't it?

  22. Hossain Khan says

    I miss using my film camera memories/nostalgia.

    (I still use a digital camera but its just not the same)

  23. Matthew Maduli says

    Its so cool to watch this. I was born in 2001, and grew up seeing disposable cameras laying around the house and seeing commercials have a girl with one and kind of show off the newer digital coolpix cameras. Now a teenager with friends shooting with DSLRs, I started shooting with instant film and 35mm film for a year now, and its weird and funny. Not film photography but how people react in my I guess "generation" or age group. They'll be like, "can I see the photo" or "can we take picture" and explain them, well I have to get these developed and wont be seeing the real photos for about a week or more, and the films not that cheap so I can't really take another. I would get called hipster sometimes but also have people be like "whoa". And its so funny showing little kids. I know Im still a newb and crazy young but its just the reaction with other people having a film camera since its not as big as it was before.

  24. Sofiane El Marhani says

    now you have to explain them who is gismo

  25. kevin harrigan says

    I love film. It is the antithesis of the phone-hogging, raging thumb generation and I will forever shoot film.

  26. Star Shine says

    I shoot film, and I'm 17. Also, the camera they show a lot (Canon AE-1), I HAVE ONE :D. I also develop & print myself. It's amazing, personal, and my favorite medium for art.

  27. Shaya Maddex says

    13 and I only shoot film. (with the exception of certain scenarios but my best photos are film)

  28. Thibaut Vandame says

    'the way you shared a photo with some one back then – was you put in their hands and they looked at it' made l o l

  29. Eyewanders Foto says

    All of this.

  30. The Beets says

    My family has about 30 photo albums and I looooove just reading them remembering me as a little baby haha <3

  31. Treetop Gardens says

    I still do this!

  32. Tristannn says

    Those pictures of strangers had me feeling nostalgic for a time and place I didnt even live, film is like magic

  33. Daniell Bondad says

    I actually have some of my babyhood pictures in film but the rest is digital.

  34. Ethan Cooke says

    I love shooting with my film cam.

  35. Julia Hwang says

    I don't know why, but I just keep watching this

  36. LDSRaichuguy says

    but oh did the photos look good

  37. catey62 says

    And this is why I've started shooting film..though I love my Nikon D2x and have gotten some amazing shots with it after having (just for the fun of it ) a play with an old medium format 1936 Zeiss Ikon folding camera it woke something inside of me and now I have several medium format film camera's that get used more than my Nikon..I get so much more pleasure from shooting a roll of film than I do taking a 100 digital pics. Just something special about it I cant explain but I love.

  38. Wiglessjanet says

    I have one of those cameras too where you had to take it to a pharmacy and view it there so it's not that long ago

  39. Geffers says

    back in 2005 we had a camcorder that took small cassettes it was great, it was like new tech at the time, haven't used it since 2009 since well now just use our smartphones. and to be honest i'm glad because it means i can capture moments with speed which is great for me.

  40. Ebiere Orusa says

    I am going to cry. Gave me a feeling of nostalgia

  41. N S says

    i have so many photography albums and film tubes saved, i'm pretty sure we still have the cameras.

  42. Anonymous 1 says

    Omg….!!! I use canon ae-1 too

  43. NightGallows says

    Photo bombs. Photo bombs with film cameras make me want to cry in the corner.

  44. wild stingray says

    Im 13 and this video was so boring because my family used to use film cameras and i know how to use them even though they're quite old. i know all this stuff. 8-8

  45. Amelia Turner says

    I used to think films were black liquorice (I liked my food, okay?) and yeah I ate some.

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