Firecracker Crispy Marshmallow Pops

Firecracker Crispy Marshmallow Pops
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  1. Heroine Reychelle Moya 537 says


  2. lvndi says


  3. R000H says

    jokes on you vegans marshmellows arent vegan

  4. Chop Happy says

    Haven't tried microwaving the marshmallows before… Definitely helps w/the dishes.

  5. Shouri says

    anyone else getting fed up with tasty? pun not intended but works

  6. Hitmonbug says

    more like TNT

  7. Am I A Joke To You? says

    I watch your vids on Facebook and YouTube I'm a huge fan

  8. Dead Inside says

    Fizzy rock candy cough pop rocks cough cough

  9. Bonsin 1425 says

    snap crackle pop

  10. Double A Ron says

    Happy Canada day

  11. poo poo says

    I could do without the pop rocks

  12. Melody Reynolds says

    ok but why was this uploaded on Canada day

  13. alexis coles says

    I'll pray for your teeth

  14. Bee says

    I'd have used white chocolate but part from that these are awesome

  15. Bee says

    I'd have used white chocolate but part from that these are awesome

  16. Iron Fan says

    I think the name of this channel should somehow include the word diabetes.

  17. Kwabena Yeboah says

    The black is thorwing me off. 😣

  18. DeliciousSparklyCakes says

    I guess there more for kids really…..🤔

  19. Aiko says


  20. Jellal Fernandez says

    when you eat that dessert i doubt your chick is on fire hahahahahaa

  21. anthony whitehead says


  22. Jeanne Alexandre says

    Chicken is good.

  23. Wynter McGee says

    Are you ever kinda early but not too early so you're kinda like

    Helo dudz

  24. dtth httd says

    These are ok, I just don't like the the colors…

  25. Loopy Orical says

    you will be very FAT if you eat all of this XD

  26. Samantha says

    Gosh no wonder america is so obese

  27. Maree eena says

    Happy Canada day!!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  28. Cristina Ottolino says

    It looked good until you added the pop rocks. x.x

  29. Vantablack says

    do you even america bro?

  30. bleep... says

    Looks Christmasy to me

  31. Legionofboom says

    red white and green?

  32. Tasneet Suri says

    Happy Canada day!!!!!! 🎂🎂🎂

  33. DTi56 says

    how about spicy saltines

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