Five Packable Work Lunches Loaded With Protein • Tasty

Five Packable Work Lunches Loaded With Protein • Tasty
Keep your New Year’s resolutions this January and prep your way through the week with these five packable work lunches loaded with protein. Shop the NEW …

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  1. MissQue ens says

    How has someone so much time to "cook" before work or school

  2. Avalorne says

    Does provolone have loads of protein?

  3. Cooking Forever says

    V Very good

  4. Spring Olympia says

    Hi all! I just started a channel where I upload satisfying vegetable chopping videos! Please check it out and like the video if you enjoy it! I would really appreciate the support!

  5. Hello. I am a Korean chef. It's great to learn a variety of foods from your channel.

  6. Lyric4L says

    ugh… I LOVE this ch.

  7. Shloka Satish says

    i hate chickpeas but i made the first one and its amazing

  8. Food Lk says



    Very delicious nd looking so nic

  10. Andrea L says

    That first sandwich would have to be the first thing I had eaten in a month after being stuck on a deserted island! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  11. FabolusSunnivaWithADD says

    Challenge: You guys should try to make packed lunches for picky adolescents / adults who hate packed lunches 🙃

  12. S Food says

    Nhìn ngon ưi là ngon. Ai Việt Nam Điểm Danh Nha <3

  13. Michelle Hawkins says

    Oh yummy looking. As I snack on peanut butter and crackers. Cause it's me on tight budget.

  14. Anthony Sarangilo says

    Please upload a video with alvin and inga together❣️ i would like to see their content

  15. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    I will make it very soon

  16. I Am Thyda Cooking says

    Great 👍

  17. Anthony Hernandez says

    damn…. some one actually got paid for rolling that burrito?

  18. Adriana Coral says

    Has anyone tried to eat a salad out of a mason jar? It’s nearly impossible not to make a mess and have some fall out the sides.

  19. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    So delicious food

  20. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    Tastyyyy! Come pack my lunch honey! 😘✨

  21. Boi Boi says

    Everyone has one addiction and it is food

  22. Gracie L says


  23. Unknown Youtuber says


  24. Kim Donacao says

    Who Else is Getting Hungry While Watching This?😂😂😂

  25. Wqtered says

    The one at 1:00 was in a different Tasty video

  26. Elanor Smith says

    I know rotisserie chicken is cheap and convenient, but seriously it has so many more calories than normal chicken! Spend the few extra bucks and buy your own whole raw chicken, especially if you aren't eating the skin anyway. You don't have to put butter or olive oil or any fats on it, you can just cook it with some fresh herbs and onion in the cavity, and you end up with flavorful meat that is so much healthier. Tasty, please make that video for peeps!

  27. Martabak Mini S2 says

    Aku orang indonesia aku suka maknan yangbdi post dichannel ini menarik sekali

  28. Life Of Melissa says

    Looks good

  29. Cam Cam says

    Make a giant bacon

  30. Toni Fortunato says

    Tasty Make Coffee jelly/Coffee jello

  31. Lana Platz says

    Wow that sandwich from the beginning looks really good!!!! Love ❤️ your videos!!!

  32. HornyTrolllololololool says

    1:21 baby size water bottle 😄

  33. inSomniaBlink says

    These are nice lunch ideas but a far cry from protein packed. Not a fan of click baited titles like that. Not healthy either but why bother putting protein packed 😒

  34. Extort says

    Just fry the wraps and they will stay closed without tooth picks…

  35. 두놈들Two Guys Recipe says

    Good good

  36. Haley Faragalli says

    Gotta get that protein

  37. 101 Snacks says

    Inspiring and quick recipes. i will try these soon. Great ideas for lunch.
    show me some love i am new on youtube.

  38. Jayden Family Vlogs says

    Who else love the salads in the jar idea like me😍💕🇦🇺

  39. Spark ette says

    Cannellini beans would be much better….

  40. мııн 매우 대담한 says

    Alguém sabe me dizer pq eles resolveram mudar pra um canal gringo?(tudo em inglês)

  41. Talented Tape says
  42. Ashanti Jones says

    👅looks delicious

  43. Mariam Rz says

    I feel like instead of making the recipes for a purpose, you find a purpose/title for your recipes. I don't wanna generalize but probably only 1% of the people watching this video has onion at work

  44. Ximena Gonzalez says

    me: wow this recipe looks promising
    tasty: adds fucking mayo
    me: ight imma head out

  45. Sidney Mina says


  46. Donna Bittner says

    Great ideas! I retired and now am always at a loss about what to do for lunch ! Thanks !

  47. LaTanya Porter says

    Must try..thank u..

  48. Billy O’Connor says

    I REaaLLY Like steak????? Maybe huge steak?

  49. طبـخة ونـــص says

    Yummy 😋😋😋

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