Five Protein-Packed Dinners You Can Prep On Sunday • Tasty

Five Protein-Packed Dinners You Can Prep On Sunday • Tasty
Get all the protein you need throughout the week with these five protein-packed dinners you can meal prep! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Byron Saifoloi says

    can u do some vids were you make home less people gint food pls make this blue


  2. George Gregory says

    Why does the music sound like the elite 4 from a Pokemon game

  3. Ambush gamer says

    Hey uhhh I was thinking could you make me a giant cheeseburger without any sauce for a party I’m throwing like I’ll have to ask my mother if it’s ok and how much do you charge
    BTW I live in Australia

  4. Carolyn Boulanger says

    Make giant spaghetti and meatballs

  5. Poof Chelsea says

    Lovely 😊

  6. He Who Must Not Be Named says

    Those last two 🤤

  7. Themlghamburger says

    You should make a giant steak

  8. Bryan Dong says

    I cooked all of them

  9. Lauren Storlie says

    Dude. If this is a meal prep video it would be nice to know what you intend us prep/cook in advance. The recipes are fine, but you haven't shown us any meal-prep value as the title suggested.

  10. Somil Jagnani says

    Can you make any of these from things which are available at your home

  11. Kyle Silver says

    Tell Alvin he needs to make a giant steak

  12. Mave man says

    ⚠ Warning. Men should not consume tofu unless they want to grow man boobs

  13. Jordan 47 says

    I know I'm never gonna make any of these, but I'm just here because I enjoy watching stuff like this..

  14. SamiSadRamen says

    have you guys ever thought of having an actual restaurant? i think it would be cool. maybe you already have one, but maybe you don’t so i’m suggesting it

  15. Matter Assassin says

    Can u make the biggest steak

  16. William Arno says

    Before I watch an episode of TASTY I have to have something to eat If i dont I totally regret it

  17. 푸드링FoodRing says

    I love this one!! im gonna try😍

  18. OneMeanArtist says

    Video: Mentions tofu right off the bat.

    Me: Annnnd I'm out.

  19. Lidia Sierra says

    On making it big alvin should make a giant corndog or dumpling

  20. Manuel Chinchilla says

    you should make a giant taco

  21. Dazzling In the Kitchen says

    MEAT 🥩🥓🍗🍖🍳🍤✨

  22. 냠냠보이 YumYumBoy says

    WOW~ That's delicious

  23. K J says

    an you do more vegetarian things? the first one with the tofu sounded good

  24. mike says

    Can I prep this on anyother day? Besides Sunday or is it limited to just Sunday?!? Ples reply

  25. Monir Hasan says

    When you are eraly but there is 1.2K comments


    This is right up my alley I'm a bodybuilder who needs 30 more subs

  27. Valar morghulis says

    Shit I already cook😐

  28. Pearce Phillips says

    Putting steak in a salad should be a federal crime.

  29. Pokekun360 _hachi says

    Those look good,i'm drooling right now

  30. Wisedalie Bien-aime says

    Me gusto mucho

  31. Wisedalie Bien-aime says

    Me en canto

  32. OOBootySnacksOO says

    You lost me at, Extra Firm Tofu 🤢

  33. MrBeast says

    Who else been a HUGE fan of tasty before 2020?

    I'm gifting my next 60 subscribers with (notis on 🔔 )

  34. Bread says

    Yummy I like chicken

  35. cooking Fun and tips says

    Great recipe

  36. CRAZY WILD BOYS says


  37. Bento Box Swirl says

    Don't you hate it when you can't crack any jokes in your comment.

  38. No Name ツ says


  39. Jabari says

    Who else has been a fan of Tasty before 10m subs hehe? Any veterans?

    I'm almost at 3k súbbies!!!

  40. I want to thank this channel for giving me a variety of different ways to cook chicken lol

  41. Elaina Lunaitis says

    Can Alvin make a giant oatmeal bowl or a giant notcho chip??! I love u guys❤️❤️❤️

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