Flavorful Instant Pot Butter Chicken • Tasty

Flavorful Instant Pot Butter Chicken • Tasty
A flavorful, Instant Pot meal for a quick and easy weeknight dish! Get the Recipe Here: https://tasty.co/recipe/instant-pot-butter-chicken Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Zain Clasher75 says

    Not bad, wouldn’t mind eating that. Looks great tbh

  2. TheTraffic247 says

    I like the non pressure cooker way better. Pressure cookers are just disasters waiting to happen.

  3. Syd The Bear says

    Could you use chicken breast instead of thighs?

  4. Nathan Spain says

    I made this and it came out pretty bad.

  5. Shickona Asfall says

    this isnt butter chicken

  6. CSI says

    We made this and it was delicious and super easy.

  7. M Zarcone says

    Not surprising that everything originated in the Middle East. Even Pizza supposedly. But do we need to be constantly annoyed instead of glad people like our food? So sad that you can't even enjoy reading comments about a recipe.
    Now I don't even want to eat Butter Chicken 🤡. I am ordering a Pizza.

  8. Andre Portnov says


  9. Abhishek Singh Sambyal says

    Is this butter chicken?? Are you kidding me?

  10. Rosie Ortiz says

    I followed the recipe exactly, but the burn message on my instant pot came up, I made sure no food was stuck on the bottom of the pot and attempted again…. I was never able to pressure cook it for 5 min like it shows in the video. Help! 😩

  11. Destiny Long says

    All the Indians Getting Tight in the comments about Authentic Buttered Chicken 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  12. Jewel ofthenile says

    I think their intention is to make an easier recipe version that anyone can cook,coz to be honest some of us arent able to access the full ingredients that go along with making the authentic chicken butter dish.

  13. Ayna Rana says

    U don’t put roti and chawal on the same plate 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Dipali Sahgal says

    Sorry to say but that was no butter chicken. Not even close to it. You were just cooking chicken curry in different ways.

  15. MISTA propane says

    Where's the pot butter

  16. Souhardya Mandal says

    There are a whole lot of spices to season with other than just salt and pepper.

  17. amal zuhair says

    That’s not butter chicken and who eats nan with rice? I don’t know whether to find it offensive or extremely funny but currently I’m finding it hilarious.

  18. Eveline Ghost says

    Зашла сюда ради лепешечки, а её и не делают, блин

  19. bingman227 says

    Where is the butter?

  20. The Right Way says

    Not a butter chicken 😅

  21. Abhi Yash says

    Every Indian after watching this is like
    "My mom cooks better than this"

  22. alisha asif says

    That's not how u cook butter chicken

  23. Deija Smith says

    This isnt a good recipe

  24. Ruby Khan says

    Can you NOT have white people butcher and profit off our recipes…. THANKS.

  25. TheMrRSHARMA says

    The only thing that's nice from a pot is weed. Bollocks

  26. Saadi's Cooking says


  27. Sph inx says

    It may taste good but it's not Butter chicken

  28. Sunny Vakkalanka says

    Why would they combine the raw chicken with the sauce?

  29. mohammed faisal says


  30. Astha Vishwaraj says

    This is not butter chicken😂😂

  31. Praveen says

    Wheres the butter?

  32. NewEra says

    So I learn how to cook the chicken but you didn’t show us how to make rice, instructions unclear

  33. Is it butter chicken for sure ?? Okyy I'm confused actually it is or it is not !!! 😂😂😂😂

  34. Sarah Cordova says

    Could you sub coconut yogurt for those with dairy sensitivity?

  35. Boa De Cocoa says

    This is not Butter Chicken.

  36. MerSal Village Food &Travel says


  37. Alyssa Garcia says

    Great the recipes looked delicious

  38. Aniket Sarkar says

    Wrong way to make butter chicken

  39. SAB Bhusane says

    This isn't the real Indian style recipe….. But looking really good…. 👌🏻😍

  40. Walter Mercado says

    Most indian people dont even know that butter chicken isnt an Indian dish.

  41. Pain Peace says

    This is not butter chicken….this is called shit…..

  42. Nasser Ali says

    That ain't no damn butter chicken….😖

  43. Rex says

    Why didn't you cut the chicken beforehand and Cook it in the gravy with yogurt ??

  44. Ari P says

    That’s not butter chicken. This is just disrespectful lmao

  45. Nina Gudiya says

    That might look tasty sure it does 😊but that ain't butter chicken…. You need to have the recipe right, the real butter chicken will blow your mind👀😋😍

  46. Elaf Syed says

    This is not how we Indians make butter chicken 😌

  47. Yash Garg says

    Worst butter chicken recipe I've ever seen…lmao

  48. Desi Cooking says


  49. Aarish Rathi says

    That alternate method is of Hebbars Kitchen and I guarantee it!!

  50. Ryan Kiddo says

    As an Indian pepper is a spice I hate the most. I never pepper any of my food.

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