Four Cookie Hacks To Try This Holiday Season • Tasty

Four Cookie Hacks To Try This Holiday Season • Tasty
Have your cookies be the talk of the town this holiday season with these four cookie hacks Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Jose Miranda says

    What is this song idk why but i love it

  2. suzu ranaa says


  3. weehee woohoo says

    Authentic channels like Tasty and How to Cook that vs Blossom, 5 minutes crafts, etc

  4. 포엔닝Ennies says

    They should put the aquarium cookie as the thumb nail though

  5. Meredith Kashpaw says

    Bites into hard candy

  6. 포엔닝Ennies says

    Who watched a AirPods pro ad before the vid started?

  7. Game Busting says

    Ive seen the cookie with mnm’s that can move around in 3 other videos… be more creative than that lol 😂

  8. LilBeus2900 says


  9. Taro Ice Cream Crisp says

    This music makes me wanna die

  10. these arent even hacks.. this is just teaching us how to make cookies?

  11. Miss 31 says


  12. Skwiwel Skwawel says

    The red spiral cookie has raw egg 😖

  13. Melanie says

    Nice music tasty 🎵🎶💃🏻💃🏻


    Why am I here…I don’t cook

  15. Parys Bell says

    who else had a jam session to music???

  16. southerngirl. pt says

    How many times are these aquarium cookies gonna be in a video?

  17. Ethan Vo says

    My Asian senses vanished.

  18. Foodie Lah! says

    I just love these holiday season vibes. 💕 So adorable and lovely cookies 😍

  19. Vịt Phạm says

    It’s November and Americans are already on a Christmas spirit. Let November happen people.

  20. Aqua Princess says

    Best hack: go to store and buy cookies.

  21. HornyTrolllololololool says

    Looks like a cupcake why you call it a cookie?

  22. Elizabeth Keith says

    Who else watches these but never makes them?

  23. Madd Hatter says

    Who wants to bite through two layers of jolly rancher when trying to eat a cookie?

  24. CheezyBacon 240 says

    Anyone from the UK… Or am I the only one.

  25. Nehwon Wondor says

    I Like Rie's Aquarium Cookies As I Seen It from Above and beyond the Holiday Season.

  26. kade says

    Is it really a hack if it's a recipe. Is fettucine alfredo a hack because it's a recipe.

  27. enjoy animations says

    Who else Gets the tasty ads when they're watching tasty

  28. lorine owili says

    Am. A judge. From the great.Kenyan. bake of

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