Four Make-Ahead Holiday Sides To Prep And Reheat • Tasty

Four Make-Ahead Holiday Sides To Prep And Reheat • Tasty
These side dishes will be the star of the show and save on time! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. prettypinkyanime 25 says

    Its not sweet potato its carrot lol

  2. Leo Leon says

    Sorry but all these sides looked terrible. Is this located me the hipster Thanksgiving? Kale 🤣 I almost unsubscribed watching this. Tasty you are on a short leash now after this disappointing video.

  3. mrIlovethe90s1 says

    This is an abomination!

  4. Jazzy Jazz says

    It’s the holidays, only veggies I’m eating is collard greens

  5. Someone needs to tell tasty that they can make healthy food without it being gross af

  6. Haley Faragalli says

    Nice job

  7. Violet Moon says

    marshmallows?! WHAT?

  8. Keanon Smiley says

    Anybody watching in 2019?

  9. brittani cannata says


  10. Jack Pica says

    Wtf is wrong with you?!

  11. ren amor says

    You had me at potatoes and you lost me at kale.

  12. Hania Younis says

    It's ries birthday happy birthday rie love you loads tasty is incomplete without you💞💞😘

  13. nrsimmons178 says

    Just came to the comments to see how many southerners want to fight Tasty for calling their apple and sausage concoction "cornbread stuffing"…

  14. Zahida Perveen says

    who else is hungry ?
    raise hands

  15. Autumm Dottir says

    Lately it seems that the US is divided about so many things, but the country must be unequivocally united in its repugnance for that sweet/savory sweet potato situation

  16. Lo Nely says

    Yikes I mean some of these are fine I just think they would have been a lot better if some ingredients were left out

  17. LifeisforLiving! says

    Thanks for the music I was able to do my upper body and leg workout to it and still watch the recipes!

  18. mochichi 83 says

    3:17 the sweet topping for the potatoes got on the savory side. Also what's the plan for when you get to the middle? And wtf is vegetarian cheese? I thought vegetarians were cool with milk and cheese. If not then why are they eating eggs 😂😂😂😂🐣

  19. ChristyAlex says

    No meat=no christmas

  20. Brave Tagon says

    Sorry but I had to say no to all of them. Which is a first for me for tasty. Especially the last two, the cornbread was burned, and the cut it up anyway into the recipe. Then they used canned cream of corn in the next … yeah, no for me.

  21. Madiha Khan Vlogs - Dubai says


  22. Tasha22Bella says

    I was actually interested in the sweet potato recipe till I saw them half it and add different things to it and then proceed to put them in the same dish.. at this point I was like, considering how small the initial bowl was that they struggled to mash it in, (I'd definitely have had sweet potato all over the kitchen trying that).. would it not have been simpler just to half the sweet potato proportion to start with and make it separately.. and then they added cheese in the middle.. I was like.. really.. separate dishes people.. its not that hard.. then I saw marshmallows…… and was like: so we're not going to see the end of that baked sweet potato situation?? then they removed said situation from the oven and added marshmallows.. I was like: please tell me this is an April fools joke, wait its not April… are you kidding me… marshmallows… who thought of this recipe??? were they drunk???

  23. Maria Luisa Ayecaba Edu says


  24. That1NerdyBlackGirl says

    Dear Tasty.
    I apologize for the many people who are from the southeast United states acting like any different on Thanksgiving is a crime against humanity. We know it's stupid, but yet it's a thing.

    Signed a person from the south.

  25. Maria Cucina says


  26. Beautiful Jeye says

    Tasty yall be trying the f@#$ out of us with these bad a$$ recipes. Not nan dish look good. I'm especially mad about the cornbread dressing. There's a difference between dressing and stuffing. You don't mix both. I know y'all young, but don't play us with these fake Thanksgiving recipes.


  27. Zion Wway says

    The sweet potatoes thing… 🤮

  28. Sadia Adree says

    Can you guys make vegan holiday side dishes???

  29. Scarlet 3 Price says

    Like some of the ideas- going to take these and tweek them a bit to fit my eating style

  30. Home Cooking Therapy says

    Your food looks so tasty!

  31. Lisa Lisa says

    Ummmmm… No!

  32. The Whoever says


    The sweet and savory sweet potato situation……left me…..I don't even know…..

    ….I think my brain is broken…

  33. nathalhices says

    That sweet and savory sweet potato sharing a casserole looks like a terrible idea… Why don't you guys just bake it separately? The rest looks nice tho

    EDIT: I am actually screaming at you guys getting mad with marshmallows in the sweet side while ignoring the fact that they were just as close to f*cking green onions and bacon lmaooo you americans are crazyyy I swear

  34. James DeRuvo says

    You lost me at kale.

  35. Bianca Angelica says

    I’d be pissed if someone ruined stuffing with apples at my thanksgiving dinner. It’s the one thing I look forward to every thanksgiving

  36. Sarah N says

    Marshmallows on kumera-sorry, sweet potatoes? WFF? Eeeewwww!!!!!

  37. Trin vas Qwib Qwib says

    My white, southern, conservative, palate-of-a-4-year-old family wouldn't touch any of this. Also, marshmallows don't belong on sweet potato casserole.

  38. ABrokeCollegeStudent says

    Who the hell is eating kale for thanksgiving?!

  39. Cherika Powell says

    Now this is a whole ass mess

  40. FFB Blonde in the Kitchen says

    Farmer’s Cheese Pancakes

  41. Zhang X says

    Ok this background music is really annoying

  42. Schink Diesel says

    Can we stop with the apples in stuffing please….

  43. Asmaa hairstyle says

    جميله اوي⁦❣️⁩⁦❣️⁩ روعه 👏👍😘😋

  44. The Caffeinated Owl says

    Vegetarian parmesan….. On eggs

  45. FabulousKilljoy917 says

    why would you halve a marshmallow?! THERE’S ALREADY MINI-MARSHMALLOWS 😖GRR

  46. Jeanpaul Gautreaux says

    Realy fantastic thanks!

  47. CarolAnn0308 says

    Did the two sweet potato sides really have to be in the same dish? Gross

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