Freezer-Prep French Toast Sticks

Freezer-Prep French Toast Sticks
Here is what you’ll need! FREEZER-PREP FRENCH TOAST STICKS INGREDIENTS 1 loaf Texas toast 7 eggs 1 cup milk 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1 …

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  1. Tilaxie Gordon says

    Come on ppl it means how long it will for before it spoils. Be real!!!!

  2. Amanda Topel says

    I’m gonna try this.

  3. Lemons19902010 says

    Why have I never thought of baking French toast sticks??!!🤦‍♀️

  4. Maja Čeh says

    2 months really

  5. Kyra Yung says

    Okay but has anyone tried them?

    Fr tho😕

  6. Sydney Rawls says

    This recipe worked amazing for me and i sprinkled more cinnamon sugar on top delicious

  7. Hadia Javed says

    I tried it it was really tasty😀!!!!

  8. Mrs. Puffy says

    so this is basically french toast….but you cut it in pieces

  9. totallycuterthanyou4 says

    Literally all I see are people commenting about aggressive vegans and no actual aggressive vegans

  10. Kwabena Yeboah says

    Ha! Two Months! How bout a week!

  11. yasmine gomez says

    what about the sausage?? :(( lmao

  12. g g says

    i was hungry so i made this , i refridge up to 2 months .now i'm dead

  13. Victoria Lee says

    ha SYKE I buy the aunt jemima frozen kind from the grocery store

  14. lisianthus26 says

    can i panfry instead of baking it? :< i dont have an oven

  15. Winna Erwina says

    2 month? omg

  16. Karima B says

    Please do more of these freezer prep meals.

  17. zatch bell says

    maybe they should've worded the freezing part a' lot better. Saying Freeze up to 2 months sounds like we can't take them out until two months are up.

  18. Dazzle Daze says

    texas toast can only be found at high end supermarkets.

  19. CorporalPoon says

    whoa french toast cut into pieces. revolutionary

  20. Dazzle Daze says

    only one teaspoon cinnamon? this is a faulty recipe

  21. Bronana Rival says


  22. Mr Pigeon says

    Those militant vegans and uninformed meat eaters are so annoying

  23. Sochy _ says

    Lol all the stupid fuckers thinking they have to actually freeze it for 2 months

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