Fried Food On A Stick

Fried Food On A Stick
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  1. AyaanAal Gaming says

    The music reminds me of subway surfers for some reason

  2. Shadowprincess321 says

    *Diabetic coma intensifies*

  3. North Dakota says

    The banana one, have to try that.


    Fried food more like BORE RAGNAROK

  5. Piret Saar says

    I tried with a cheese and sausage but the cheese melted everywhere… and i used pancake mix and everything was messy :/ Next time i'll try the exact recipe that is shown here

  6. Glowy 2005 says

    Strawberry shortcake 😂😂😂😂 memories

  7. Michael Brough says

    What about deep fried butter on a stick

  8. muhsin uddin says

    Bananas are deeped in bananas?

  9. SoulHappy XOX says

    I recommend Toron or Bananaque, It's fried banana in a stick. With lots of brown sugar.

  10. Abigail Ella says

    the bbq chicken one is questionable

  11. Maleeha Tajbhai says

    very shit

  12. 09yulstube says

    Feast of Fiction's rainbow whisk!

  13. jupiterbabyy says

    Deep fried banana is actually nice I've had it before

  14. chickenforjauregui says

    Am I the only one who doesn't eat banana ends?

  15. Carl Carandang says

    The banana bread looks like a corndog

  16. Danny Phinotelli says

    You can just freeze bananas on a stick for a nice treat on a hot day

  17. Fronneily Tadena says

    The banana bread looked like huge jelly beans on a popsicle stick 😁

  18. nicki aquaruis young says


  19. Kaweewat Hantrakool says

    Why am I watching these at 1AM…… Y Y

  20. Anthony says

    Has anyone tried the strawberry shortcake?

  21. H a R u says

    do they use all-purpose flour for making the batter for the chicken stick???

  22. luckyphoenix says

    Haaaa…today I was thinking how can I make a banana on a stick!!!

  23. Im Bored! :b says

    Sounds good!

    Cutting bannana and putting it on a stick


  24. TøäštėdChõćöłātė _ says

    Anything can be deep fried these days

  25. Amara Moeller says

    Why is there an obesity problem in America? Hm, idk.

  26. KelpCream says

    is it weird that this kinda turns me on?

  27. Yoongis Ass says

    The third one looks like a golden gaytime…. just me? Ok

  28. vopat says

    I thought I was playing the sims.

  29. Kameron Lau says

    Why is all the sugar so necessary??

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