Frozen Lemonade 4 Ways

Frozen Lemonade 4 Ways
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  1. Lai Vu says


  2. Jose hernandez says

    What does it mean by lemonade make yourself or buy it?

  3. NL Lover From Animals says

    I have try it! So nice i got the strawberry smoothie and i like it. I give a like and i subscribed. I had no lemonade, but next time better!

  4. Mia Aqilah says

    Somehow just like boost

  5. Evelina Guarino says


  6. Eliva Alas says


  7. Taylin Verenini says

    To make a homemade slushy, I’ll share how I do it

    1 small ziplock bag
    1 medium ziplock bag
    Any kind of juice

    Pour your juice inside of the small bag and zip it up
    Put small bag into bigger bag
    In the bigger bag pour ice and a small bit of salt
    Seal the bag
    Shake vigorously for about 4 mins
    Check every 1 min for any sign of freezing
    Once slushy pour into a cup or bowl


  8. Kelly Seastar says

    Alternatively, you can turn these into popsicles by putting them in molds and letting them freeze in the freezer overnight.

  9. Alexa Hafen says

    Those look so good!!!!!!


    Omg!! Loved this video <3

  11. Lord Yeetus says

    How to make frozen lemonade
    Step 1: buy or make lemonade
    Step 2: freeze it

  12. Nazim Adiha says

    What was the name of first sorbet used in classic lemonade

  13. Kaiesha Walker says

    This would be good with liquor

  14. Alekhya Mathsa says

    Subscribe mathsa alekhya

  15. Felicia Springer says

    I'll be making for sure. I love frozen lemonade. McDonald's has good frozen lemonade lol but if I can make it better at home then I'm good

  16. just Algerian says


  17. shafee shaik says

    Sorbet means wht

  18. Toula Kalogeropoulou says

    OMG mangoooooo

  19. Jjj Kkk says

    what is sorbet???

  20. SMSS FUN says

    I have the same glass😁😁

  21. The Earth says

    Am I the only one who thinks these are sorta like a slushy or smoothie?

  22. Mateo Iguini Pereira says

    Ohh my god mmmm….. deliciuos

  23. Hobo Joe says

    I'm sorry, I don't really dislike the video. I just had to make it an even number<3

  24. A M says

    I tried the lemonade one it was good 👍🏾no need to get the Tim Horton’s one this is good.👍🏾👍🏾

  25. Why's World says

    I just Can't/ Won't count on anyone who doesn't love a good slushy or 9.

  26. Rahma 123 says

    I love lemonade

  27. Rahma 123 says

    I am a ice eater

  28. Mason Decker says

    Frozen Lemonade begins with F.

  29. vale says

    I've got you another frozen lemonade recipe
    -lemon juice
    -a lot of sugar

    You mix it together

  30. Colourful Sprinkles says

    Wow u love the number 4

  31. obamabeenlagging says

    U can make it with ice cream I just made with Ice cream and it is still the same as they only have sur bay in summer love tasty keep up the good

  32. Nobody says

    First drinks without alcohol i see in this channel.

  33. nanafied says

    Easiest way to make frozen lemonade:

    Put the damn lemonade into the freezer

  34. ながほらようこ says


  35. Kayleigh Clancey says

    That seems so good!

  36. Thomas Stinson says

    the mango one omg <3

  37. Emily Shu says

    Is that lemonade slushes?!!!! IM IN

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