Funniest Delivery Boys Who Had Just ONE JOB

Funniest Delivery Boys Who Had Just ONE JOB
Funniest Delivery Boys Who Had Just ONE JOB SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to …

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  1. Chloe Butcher says

    Cut the box! Wait no it is not available right now.. I have the scissors in that box..

  2. Cloudy_Chan says

    Admit it!You clicked for the thumbnail.🐕

  3. david herrera says

    You should do another weird tricks stuff

  4. Underground Chassis works says

    Papa Johns brings u ranch if u order it or not. Lol

  5. Izz Kifer says

    who i
    who is
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    who is to
    who is too
    who is too l
    who is too la
    who is too lazy

    who is too lazy to finish these?

  6. Cookie Thief says

    The mail man who comes to our house always carries around dog treats in a little sachet bag thing and makes a big fuss of our dog and gives her treats. He is really nice as well ❤️

  7. Draw and Sketch says

    When you mentioned the “too big package for tiny things” I remember when my mom got one lipstick and there was a huge box with so much tissue paper

  8. Ellie Banks says

    I had a dream about a month ago that Santa delivered everything in a mail truck😂

  9. Nixaliy says

    Wait…. does that mean you DON'T LIKE TWILIGHT!! No offense, but thats my fav movie.

  10. Piper Mays says

    Azzy:it's like the salt salt bae appears to your pepper pepper pots appears pepper pots is epic

  11. LaziestDorkEver K.H says

    Do package heists happen often? Well I had this really nice costume for halloween and when I came home, the package was empty with a cutout hole. Second time: it never arrived. I called the place, they said they just dropped it off.

  12. Katie Hewitt says

    9:30 I fell for it lol

  13. Madeline Arriaga says

    I believe you azzy!

  14. Sienna Wilson says

    Heyyyy Azzy!!!!!!! I’m new and I’ve been watching you for 3 years now. ur my inspiration plz can you do another #AskAzzy vid plz! Thx I’ve subd so plz give me a notification thx byeeee!!💗💗

  15. Anneliese Widdis says

    Imagine your expecting to get some super expensive jewelry or something and you open it to find tampons

  16. Jonah Raggett says

    I once got a package that the delivery person hid so well i didnt find it for two weaks
    Also a guy chucked a 200 pound Tamiya 2 wheel drive electricover our 2 meter high fence

  17. Trysten G says

    I LOVE your videos!!!!!

  18. Maisy M says

    A-Z this was so mean so one day me and my mom will be ordering some clothes for myself and then once the package was supposed to be here it was nowhere and it there was a couple of burglars stealing packages so I thought it was that

  19. Harold Balczac says

    That mail carrier is gonna have a great Thanksgiving.

  20. Derek Garvey says

    Azzy you should make a video about "Porch Prirates" now that's some hilarious and crazy conent!,,

  21. Cookie Monster says

    * savage mailman texts *

    Azzy's outro:

    "Don't forget to be NICE to each other!"

    Me: Uhhhhh… Tell that to the mailman…

  22. galaxy minecraft says

    We have had a package literally just in a garbage bag hanging from the mail box😂

  23. Suhani Setty says

    Azzyland make your own merch

  24. Cheyanne Hagen says

    Hey lol 😂 😆

  25. PrettyPinkUnicorn says

    I did

  26. ZEINA MAMDOUH says

    I Did believe u there for a sec

  27. YeetSkills says


  28. Aoi Hito says

    3:34 Azzy. Oh my way was to grab a knife and cut it open. Hat way I get my package and once it’s out I’ll be able to pull out the box

  29. Manchester paddys says

    Santa mailman not good he could have 1000 pounds bill for your house to pay

  30. TVGraozinho says

    i'm from brazil!

  31. Nancy Astor says

    I love tilight

  32. rose rain says

    4:53 they were blackmailing ups so they look better

  33. Liv Clark says

    more like my food and shining armor

  34. Alyssa Shirley says

    Once my mailman brought two treats for my dogs

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