Funniest drunké fails compilation

Funniest drunké fails compilation
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reqaction video! Funniest fails …

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  1. Kairene-Louise Blossom says

    i'm high class drunk, i'm drunké

  2. Brielle the alpha wolf says

    I laughed so hard I almost died.🤣

  3. Kandy Davis says

    You best

  4. Kenzie Elizabeth says

    Who Raised You?!? Would be amazing merch design 😂

  5. Lame Goldfish says

    Better them than me.

  6. Mathias Werner says

    Azzy spelled drunk wrong. LOL

  7. Zoie Lewis says

    I sleep like that without achohol

  8. Money Joe Productions says

    5:04 i think azzy had ummmmmm…. maybe one too many?

  9. Lucy Besyrup says

    Where do you even get these photos 💙

  10. Awesome Manasi says

    I can do the splits

  11. ARCHANA BM says

    Wow u were a bar tended??

  12. Mariam ABOU-MOUSSA 2026 says

    Lol Azzy should have a hoodie that says ”WHO RAISED YOU?”

  13. Itz Julia says

    You know when the girl was "seeing your crush and making a cool walk out" or something… Maybe eh idk but maybe she fell or becouse she's top less…

  14. Nora Bloom says

    When I was 6 I fell out of a car and knocked my breath out for the second time that day.

  15. Musica Herimonia says

    What were these people thinking

  16. erin bradley says

    am i the only one that saw the little thing on top of the e

  17. Peeky Gaming says

    Once my dad's old friend farted and it invaded his dream.

  18. Rosele Porazo says

    Black moon,black sky,everythings black,black,black,black,black,black,black

  19. Janet Grewe says

    Me on the weekend

  20. LillyLuxray says

    Me seeing every picture of these drunk people as well as a Aussie
    Me: this is just a everyday thing

  21. suriaty sulaiman says

    So glad I don't drink

  22. Frozen2 Toys R Us says

    Did you know the United States and two other countries are the only countries with a legal drinking law of 21 and up while in the rest of the world the legal drinking law is 18 and up

  23. Underground Chassis works says

    I like wen azzy uses the face thing, LOL

  24. Ashley 1238 says

    Really Azzy drunké are you drunk 🤣😂

  25. Dionne Walton-Ryder says

    5:53 I sometimes actually sleep like that girl to be honest

  26. Youtuber Lily says

    I went to my mom friends house let’s call her Lucy and SHE FOUND MY SHORTER TWIN AND I DONT KNOW HER

  27. Maddie unicorn Queen says

    Back * laid *

  28. Maddie unicorn Queen says

    Hey Azzy I have a funny drunk story , so one of my sisters went out drinking and she came Bach and payed on the side of the path begging my dad to take her to McDonald’s 😂

  29. Jxnnyd says

    6:01 I sleep that way
    On a normal night I will sleep like that
    It is comfortable

  30. Jeffrey Phipps says

    I'm confused by the before/after – the blonde is in an orange dress before, but after… is the dress gone and she's only wearing a slip or something?

  31. Taryn Brewer says

    0:40 Azzy “she’s a professional gymnast” girl: just did her splits
    Me: ummm splits doesn’t mean she’s a professional gymnast or even that flexible lol

  32. Laticia Adams says

    I think im weird because im 7 and sometimes when I go to bed when I wake up im in some of those poses random but I am also a nerd

  33. Razan Elmakki says

    I love how it doesn't say drunk but drunké

  34. Xxgalaxygacha wolfxX says


  35. Marilouko 356 says

    0:35 is it weird that I can do it but I am not a professional….👾

  36. Javier Estrada says

    Last time my dad drank bear his nose was bleeding good thing I do not drink water is good for you

  37. Bjørnar Vikene says

    what does drunké mean?

  38. Tomas Villanueva says

    Go on any music appand search " Sober up ,by AJR"

  39. Paisley Tolman says


  40. unknown user says

    We're cody rcgjjv shoytht

  41. XxGacha-GalxX says

    7:30 she fell so tried to hold on to the curtain it ob fell and the toilet seat was up so when her foot fit the toilet somehow it fell

  42. JuicyGamer 1 says

    Anyone notice that there is an é in drunk?

  43. Alice Othmer says

    You are my favorite person in the world except for my girlfriend.

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