Funniest New Years Texts ! NYE 2019

Funniest New Years Texts ! NYE 2019
Funniest New Years Texts ! NYE 2019 SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. AzzyLand says


  2. Azalea Cassidy says

    Mine did i got skinny

  3. Gardez MDH says

    What is resolution?

  4. Killer 1 says

    Is it normal that instead of getting random New Years texts from random people I get calls from Japanese people trying to sell me stuff

  5. Shrek The Grinch says

    is… anyone… 2020? reply if you are… im still stuck in 2019 🙁

  6. manychitlens says

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU 👉🐱🐱🐱👈it is zoro he he📣📣📣📣

  7. Will's ninjas says
  8. Alexandra's Wings says
  9. Saskia says

    My resolution is to watch more Azzyland

  10. Fingoesin says


  11. Fingoesin says

    Happy new year guys an azzy

  12. Seren Carpenter says

    One like one person saying happy New Year to Azzy

  13. XxÑøvā_vøīdxX says

    My resolution this year is not changing anything about me <3 I’m not perfect and I’m dumb and I got everything I need I can type out Lenny faces ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    Learn how to ride a bicycle:finished. Learn how to swim:finished. Yes I’m technically done with my new year’s resolution

  15. Krishna Gowd Male says

    Hey guys 2019 Oct
    Azzy what about your resolutions

  16. lil lily says

    You posted dis on mah sisters 4th Bday :DDDD My sis coudnt wait till new year to geT bOrN LikEEEEEEEEE- Sorry for bad gRaMmArrr-

  17. وردة الجوري says

    We didn't have internet My mom said to my grandma: why don't you come to our house becouse ther's no internet
    My grandma said: you have nothing just when ther's no internet

  18. yahui cheng says

    I am SOO late for this vid
    It is literally October

  19. xXJello StudiosXx says

    Mine are done you can tell because I'm no longer singel and I found my true girl my bff ( I'm lesbain okay!)

  20. Aisha Hasan says

    I Love You’re VIDS 🤫😸😺

  21. The Strachans says

    #RIPsheets for me when 3 yrs ago im 8 yrs old

  22. Elisabeth Vasquez says

    Me when watching this:it’s almost 2020 😬

  23. Ricardo Rodrigues says

    My Alexa is very savage

  24. Helen Kroken says

    I’m in the year 2019

  25. L :D says

    My friend:bro,if this was last year I'd be fine…BUT yesterday you said we are not friends

    Me:dude…………..That was last year

    My friend:no it w…..

    Me:HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  26. Susana Angelevski says

    Get white teeth 🦷:)

  27. Ed Holt says

    You do not look like 💩you look like 🦄

  28. Addie Mandt says
  29. Han Nguyen says

    Hey, why don’t you do a cheating on your boyfriend prank

  30. phillip johnson says

    Eat healthy food

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