FUNNIEST PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE people you wont believe exist

FUNNIEST PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE people you wont believe exist
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! FUNNIEST …

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  1. Cacahuete Banane says

    Lov u Azzy •-•

  2. emily Hayden says

    Hi my name is Emily and I'm thinking of starting a YouTube Chanel if anyone has any ideas please tell me and also I love you azzyland -Emily 😍😍

  3. Kamecha Lee says

    And the pumpkin we found our hollow men candy from last year 🤢🤮

  4. Kamecha Lee says

    That’s for my moms candy if she counts if we eat we die

  5. Totally Random says

    my drama teacher has a poster on his wall saying 'I have a dream that all of my students will write their names on their work' I laughed when I saw it on my first day of school

    thank you all the teachers at my school you have a sense of humor

  6. Teresa Warcup says


  7. Gracie Baker says

    Can I have a 1$ pls

  8. Nice Dragon says

    2:50 I have to do my own dishes I wish I had a dishwasher

  9. Dani Dunn says

    My friend has one of these in her bathroom (0:27)
    Also Azzy, thank you for reminding us to stay awesome, stay, sweet, and never forget to be nice to each other. Love you!!!!!

  10. Ellana Beaty says

    I like both

  11. Tara Ahwazi says

    I like it cold so I can dizzy under all the blankets

  12. Sarah Lee says

    1:57 freezing cold! And lots of blankets.

  13. Brooklyn says

    i sleep freezing cold

  14. Kiana Dinius says

    I like it constantly freezeing in the house no matter what season no matter what time of day

  15. GachaGurl 101 says

    90% It's not cereal it's cookies
    9% I love azzy
    1% me :c

  16. Susie Playz says


  17. It’s Mimi Rose says

    Those are Girl Scout Cookies

  18. Sophia Rother says


  19. Violet Mctiger says

    2.10 i litterally have 7 blankets on my bed that i sleep under.

  20. Peachy Yay says

    “From Susie” “DANM SUSIE” lol 😆

  21. Erin Winter says

    I feel soooo bad cuz I don’t wanna be rude but those aren’t cereal boxes those are Girl Scout cookies. I should know cuz I’m a Girl Scout XD

  22. Alicia Guillaume says

    It is not *ceral* it is girl sout cookies

  23. My little pony in kake says


  24. Mom & B says

    LOL lol ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😶😵😛😜😝😭I'm crying so much that I'm laughing!.

  25. Xox Gacha_CatTeen Xox says

    I'm doing a project on Martin Luther King

  26. X Reid says


  27. Harper’s Friendly World says

    I’m a girl Scout 👩🏾

  28. kk awesome says

    ya wanna know what is really annoying? when my sister plays with my toys

  29. Amorette Mcgee says

    Cold cause I'm like u I want cuddle in some blankets

  30. Alicia Ratliff says

    y am I not on here XD

  31. Michalina says

    Your amazing😄😄😄

  32. Quinnkat626 says

    Azzy that was not cereal it was Girl Scout cookies and as a Girl Scout who only gets a limited amount of cookies per year yes I would count and I dooooooooo

  33. Piper Barnett says

    I’m in Girl Scouts myself and at 5:50 it was Girl Scout cookies not cereal the orange box was do-si-dos the blue box was trefoils and the red box was tag alongs AND JANUARY IS THE START OF COOKIE SEASON PLZ BUY THE GIRL SCOUTS DELICIOUS 👌 COOKIES

  34. Silas Bendix says

    I swear to God that if I see one comment that says can I have your heart to azzy because of the fact that she said as long as you ask it's your the imma die

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