Funny BROKE AF people who had to IMPROVISE

Funny BROKE AF people who had to IMPROVISE
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  1. Raven Mickelson says

    Im living in 2019

  2. Malony Kenny says

    #rackdog I think that's funny

  3. Malony Kenny says

    There microwave probably dosing work 0:26

  4. Captain Seaweed says

    I'm watching this with my tablet on a rope (I have a bed that's high up) that's attached to my bed and I'm on a cushion in my room….MINI TV!!!!!!

  5. Yazdan Hilal says

    2:34 its the gare

  6. Michell De Vos says

    Goldfish can remember for up to three months

  7. Luna says


    For commenting on November 5th at 10:55 PM

  8. Samantha McCulloch says

    Gear shift

  9. Hello Harley says

    Pizza can’t cut itself

  10. Kawaii Tofu says

    Call me a “d.VA”😏… I play over watch to much😬

  11. Goldenheart says

    This is my idea of a perfect school:

    We won’t have desks and chairs in school. We’ll all be at home, all students on a call with the teacher so we don’t have to go anywhere and everyone will have a hammock like that one guy with their laptops on their legs with a nice comfy pillow. They’d have a desk next to them for food and drink, and all tests and homework will be done on the computer. No printer? No problem. You don’t need to. Just email it to your teacher.

    It solves a lot of problems, because nobody needs to go anywhere and get all dressed up for hours of walking around and, especially if your new, getting lost. As well as no more bullying, because from what one of my teachers told me, cyber bullying is illegal. Not sure if it’s true, but you will have to deal with less bullying. And on top of all that, all teachers are really nice and actually make learning fun. That has nothing to do with the design of the school system, but it would be a nice touch to finish this off.

  12. dzejla humic says

    1:48 even if u dont need to clean the dish u still need to clean the fork/spoon….😅😅

  13. Sarah The Hedgehog says

    Someone in my family was in a airport or a building and there was a box saying "in case of fire" and there was few marshmallows and a stick in the box

  14. Ghost N Fox ArgoGhost says

    Hi Azzy

  15. XxTdog 1612xX says

    Even I know it's called a gear stick and I'm only 11

  16. Christopher Esno says

    Throttle azzy throttle

  17. mariefitzy09 Playz says

    Nah I’m here is 3018 too…jk I’m just here in 2019

  18. mariefitzy09 Playz says

    The clothes hanger for the shower is actually really good so then you can put you clothes there for when your done!

  19. Jeanne Tamagny says

    The milk jug speaker works

  20. Anonymous says

    riiiiSe AnD sHiiiNe

  21. Kate Gacha says
  22. David Salome says

    That “stick” is called a gear shift.

  23. Sky loves gacha 123 says

    0:25 maybe the microwaves broken

  24. Panda PotterHead says

    Omg u posted this on my crush's b day!!💙💙💙

  25. Cacahuete Banane says

    Hi •~•

  26. Møchi Gacha says

    Water makes fires worse tho

  27. Blackdevil says
  28. Josh Kimball says

    Does anyone else make the whoosh sound when she misses the jokes?

  29. Kaedin H says

    It could be a safe

  30. Purple_ Blossom says

    Azzy did you get a tan

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