FUNNY DETENTION SLIPS From REAL KIDS These are some of the funniest and most hilarious detention slips students have ever received from their teachers …

Source AzzyLand
  1. Chris Stotz says

    4:13 I under stand school is like prison

  2. aco tosic says

    I AM IN 2 GRADE YES I AM 7 YERES OLD U TOMY AZZY(not a hate comment)
    Like if you to are 7


  3. Vincent Gelindon says

    👸 this is azzy and one like👍 equals
    👚her going to detention

  4. Breanna Hockridge says

    You are the best YouTuber ever !!!! go azzy btw i am 7

  5. Amy Foust says

    So glad that azzy is kid friendly

  6. Amy Foust says

    Is Azzy ever mad?!!! Lol

  7. Amy Foust says

    Save pangolins, search them and save them

  8. leah joseph says

    i hate cats

  9. Jxngle says

    7:45 I did that once by mistake as I was really thirsty in primary, it looked exactly like water. When my teacher told me it was paint, I cried because people say you can die by doing that. Since I have some problems (autism) I was scared. He reassured me by saying that I was the new god because I didn't die u I loved that teacher(also paint tastes weird)

  10. keira brown says

    My friend thinks cats are discuting.

  11. Wonder Beatrice says

    This may sound weird but I don’t have any detention at my school

  12. drishti Group says

    One e for each like

  13. Lucky Clover says

    I smile I much a I could and the teacher is happy

  14. Fadalerab Rasool says

    4:34 and 4:37 LOL😂😂

  15. Arlynn Payton says

    whoops accidentally stopped on Azzys things

  16. DarkMid Night says

    It’s mleviOsa not mlevioSA!

  17. Joy ll says

    One of my classmates name is Alex

  18. Hobi’s Sprite says

    I’m getting detention for hitting my bully

  19. Miriam Portnoy says

    y u got a ariana ponytail

  20. Katie Lane says

    I was told like 5 times in front of teachers to close my legs at school and the teachers have not and did not do anything about it and the smell wasn't even me.

  21. Gabby Rei Pundavela says

    I live in Philippines

  22. Gabby Rei Pundavela says

    I actually have a classmate that jumped over our window and ran he was grade one and i was grade two. We're classmates because we are Multigrade. I school at LNU-ILS.That means Leyte Normal University Integrated Laboratory School.

  23. Flamingo Fam says

    Advanced calculus more like advanced catculus 🐈

  24. Cat and Dog Lover says

    i drank sented paint whatever it smelled like it taste like that

  25. K W says

    That went from 0-100 quickly.

  26. SpringBonnieZeGeek Gaming says


  27. Tomas Caballero says

    👠 👠

  28. Leslie Knope says

    I say, "that's what she said!" all the time at school and my teacher is fine with it!

  29. Andrew Charles says

    🐈 meow

  30. Stacey Homyk says

    My grandpa and his twin flunked first grade because they jumped out the window and ran home

  31. Elle Squires says

    I got a detention but I didnt do anything wrong

  32. Kenzo Alexander says

    1km =1000mile

  33. Cutie pie Fluffy says


  34. Choco Bunny says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    Azzy always says


  35. Carissa Flores says

    I loved the one where the teacher was called a "muggle."

    Watch out muggle! If she has a broomstick, and she says "up", you are dead!

  36. Wolf Gacha says

    I accidentally disliked your vid so I slapped the like button and subbed and shared. Lol

  37. midnight moon says

    My teacher says dont get in a fight if you aren't going to throw fists

  38. Darius BDA says

    That kid who ran away frpm class did it on my birthday LOL

  39. Patrick McGowan says

    the muggle one i love my bestie is a big fan of harry potter and i'm a big fan or percy jackson and if someone calls her a muggle she'll slap them and im not kidding she slapped a kid yesterday but sense i call myself a demi she calls me a muggly-blood because another word for demigod and half-blood also because a muggle means a person without powers and demigods arent wizards so yeah

  40. Eclipse Wolf says

    are we just gonna ignore the HALLOWEEN theme music there?

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