Funny DIET FAILS We Can All Relate To

Funny DIET FAILS We Can All Relate To
Funny DIET FAILS We Can All Relate To SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. ebonee b says

    I either don't eat or when I do I through up. Do I need help?🤷

  2. Claudia Batterbee says

    when I was 8 or smn I said to my mum that I was gonna go on a diet. no clue why just wanted to. 10 minutes later I got out shower and went 'I don't know how people deal with this, I give up. gimme a biscuit'

  3. Kadence Loves music says

    Azzy:it's ok to have a cheat day
    Me:how about a cheat week😅😀

  4. Lilly Fuhrer says

    Me on gym night 🍔🍟❌

  5. Daniel Zheng says

    Me: Eats unhealthy food

    still stays as skinny as a bone

    I’m not sure why I did this but

    likes my own comment

  6. Petriegirl 18 says

    Every time i go on a diet the really good food always puts on a sale so im like come on

  7. Sarah Linyard says

    can you do a 24 howr at acreepw plas

  8. Liany Maldonado says

    I Love you Azzy and your videos!

  9. Wolfu Roo says

    Soup all day
    I have the flue

  10. Kathy Richards says

    THAT guy is in triple giiiii?!?!I freaking love that show. AAAAZZZZYYYY!!!!

  11. Derpmuffin107 says

    Shame we don’t have a potion to make us skinny like in sims 4

  12. Cody Schrock says

    @ 4:08 I saw a blackhole

  13. Parker Family says

    Finally I can have gluten free water!!!
    I have been haveing a dry mouth for so long!!!

  14. Anet Bouza says

    I can relate

  15. Princes sisi Fakhoury says

    When i tell my mom im gonna do a diet and the 2nd day my mom see me eating chocolate

  16. Crizza Mae Dichoso says

    0:23 guy fieri? is that you?

  17. chrizsita Generalao says

    My grandpa just bought 10 10 bags of chips

  18. Juli Jacobs says

    Hello azzy i am one of those people im allerigic to soy gluten peanuts walnots and im not aloud sugar and im about to go lactose free 😩😭😭😭😭😭😫😩😭 and i love ice crem and cheese

  19. moonlight unicorn says

    Fun fact

    Muscles and fat weighs the exact same but for reason muscles weigh more

  20. Lucy Pearl says

    Azzy should do a " eating chocolate for 24 hours" XD

  21. Box Panda says

    Azzy: food is the best thing ever
    Me: Azzy is the best thing ever (u great youtuber)

  22. Fern Weil says

    Azzy was talking about midnight snacks after healthy food… Right after it being 12:50 and I just got a burrito BECAUSE there is nothing good to eat… 3:20

  23. l l i x o 【 릭소 】 says

    Azzy: have a healthy diet, don’t eat chocolate
    Me : uh looks up you saw nothing

  24. Josie Colton says

    Azzy: * posts a video about diet fails*
    Me: gets some chocolate and pretzles

  25. Fiona Mulhern says

    That guy who was staring in the window has a food Chanel

  26. Cali Ott says

    It’s DELICIOUS 👌 (blah blah blah)

  27. Glitter of the coco Puffs says

    I’m 11years old and I’m 74 pounds

  28. Beth Middleton says

    Is anybody watching this in December btw merry Christmas and a happy new year 🥳

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