Galaxy Note… Fan Edition? Ask MKBHD V18!

Galaxy Note… Fan Edition? Ask MKBHD V18!
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  1. obelisk619 says

    I know I'm 2 years too late but if Tesla was to make a phone I imagine It'd look similar to the essential phone, with bigger battery (the best in its category), a headphone jack, dual front firing stereo speakers (best in its class) and no notch (to make room for sensors, not just camera)

  2. Asher Grossman says

    And now the Logitech master 3 whatever it's called mouse came out a couple days ago

  3. Camryn James says

    Tesla's phone would be abit featureless in my opinion and probably not as good as the others out there..but if they do make a phone…and they make a 2nd gen…maybe that phone would be the one to get….or not 😂

  4. Marc Ian Cabawatan says


  5. Vibhor Vanvani says

    Great Battery Life

  6. S. G. says

    A Tesla phone that charges its battery from your natural movements? Like regenerative braking?

  7. Emmitt Bronkema says

    Haha if you don't use that phone ill take it I can't find it anywhere!!

  8. Unknown94 says

    Note limited edition

  9. iiElysium x says

    I think this was just a note 7 with a new battery in, leftover stock they want to sell

  10. Efan Lemon says

    I’m disappointed, I was expecting a Samsung with a literal fan for cooling inside

  11. ps4 additions says

    If Tesla made a phone it will be cool af

  12. Liam Burns says

    Can you do a review on Moto e5 plus?

  13. vinaykumar kajana says

    If tesla made a smartphone. It will surely charged through air power

  14. Ramesh Pillai says

    I Love my note FE than any other phone, only one enhancement Samsusung should make, just keep everything same, and takeout only up and bottom bazel, make it an infinity view with faster Cpu and added Ram..❤️💫

  15. Ulugbek Kahramonov says

    It would be fully electric

  16. tech gadget guy 123 says

    Can I have ur fan edition

  17. Chris Doering says

    If tesla made a smartphone itd b like a their cars and they wouldnt offer support for used ones or sell parts to customers 😂

  18. Liam Cahill says


  19. damon kehl says

    This is minor but there was also a case that came with it

  20. Tammer Aimer TV says

    That wasn't good enough for the note fan edition, it deserves more review than that man.

  21. Abraham King says

    Tesla phone should have solar panels on back and regain energy through movement!

  22. Jaylou Ramos says

    are you an samsung fan🙂?

  23. Emmanuel Mortel says

    Does it explode

  24. Arham malik says

    is this the blasting note 7

  25. Kashif Bhatti says

    Hi, is note fan edition is refurb phone or new one?? Hows the battery life on Note Fan edition model ??

  26. Ash Ketchum1318 says

    Does it explode?

  27. Pradip Dutta says


  28. christopher krause says

    Take out the music…damn

  29. Mong Nguyen says

    Cai thang lon

  30. Bristow Xavier says

    is it a coincidence that I'm seeing this video on a Moto X 2014 who's screen is cracked like spider web and cried inside, after seeing that guy's questions about mkbhd's phone drop…*weep*

  31. Dengaz says

    I was watching your elon video and thinking the exact same thing, tesla smart phone. Tuned to your car too

  32. Khalil Lebbi says

    i want that phone :'( !

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